The only Person I Need to Impress

….is God.

This thought came to me today during a slight misunderstanding today and it’s a double-pronged motive.

First and foremost, I challenge myself each and every day to come as I am. To behave as my authentic self. (Live boundless!)

Secondly, my relationship with God continues to be a shaky and uncertain one. Sometimes it’s loud and clear that He’s watching over me, such as during the course of this summer as I recover from my jaw surgery. Sometimes it isn’t so apparent. The Lord works in mysterious ways as they say, but it isn’t always easy to have unwavering faith in forces we can’t see.

And so I strive to be the daughter that God would want me to be hoping that it’ll one day bring me closer to Him. In a way, I think all believers do this to an extent.

-Live boundless.

P.S. This is the first time I’ve been able to put ‘Live boundless’ twice in one post! Kudos to you if you saw both usages!


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