New Beginnings.

It’s official ladies and gentlemen! Yet again my life has changed more than it has in four years over the course of 48 hours.

To start with, I have a resume now. 4 years ago I didn’t have any form of job or volunteer experience to list. 48 hours ago I didn’t know where to find my LinkedIn URL…let alone how to best align it in the header (left.)

On another note, I can use Microsoft Edge now. Shout-out to Windows Anniversary Update for making Edge viable by introducing AdBlockPlus introducing plug-in support to Edge. Shout-out at Windows Anniversary Update for Edge’s continued inability to save most passwords and the introduction of what I call the ‘Cortana bar.’ -.- At any rate, Edge can run 3 hours longer than Google Chrome. I’m sure I’ll find out whether that’s true very soon now that I’m motivated to apply for enough scholarships to fund Rome’s army. (It all goes back to my life goal which you can read about here.)

Finally, I got a haircut. Four years ago I had long hair. 48 hours ago I had long hair. Now I have a sexy new haircut and by sexy I mean ‘shoulder-length but doesn’t make me look Loki.’

Isn’t life just so utterly charming?

~Live boundless.


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