A Note on Handwritten Notes

To tell you the truth, I never truly grasped the impact of handwritten notes. They’re the least one can do, I thought. There’s nothing intimate or meaningful about them because they’re so darn simple and cheap to make! Today I stood corrected.

First of all, today marks the sixth week of my recovery following my jaw surgery. In other words, I can chew food now. Why, yes, I went six weeks without chewing anything and lost five pounds. Overtime, I’ve heard several horror stories of people whose surgeries, including a jaw surgery similar to mine, didn’t go so well for various reasons. Every time I heard a story, I silently thanked my surgeon finding myself in even deeper awe of my luck. Eventually, I decided I had to express my gratitude somehow because I’ve always believed it’s my duty to pay forward the blessings I’ve received. Having volunteered in the healthcare industry, I knew it was against hospital policy for staff to take any gifts from patients. However, I adore expressing words through alternative forms and now I had nothing to give. Or did I? Maybe my words didn’t need embellishing, I figured. Maybe they would be enough.

Seeing the happiness that my note brought my surgeon, he hadn’t read it yet because he saw that it was personal, showed me that my words are more than enough. Then, ironically, I came home to a touching note from my Orientation Leader! Luckily for me, she included her phone number so I could immediately tell her how much I appreciated her postcard.

All in all, the little things do count. Maybe even more so than the bigger ones.

-Live boundless.

P.S. I’m aware that this is my second unforgiveable pun title and blog post about writing in a row. Sawy!


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