DIY Write-On Flags

Inspired by a healthy bout of Pinterest browsing and a not so-healthy obsession with file folder labels. (I have hundreds in my house. Literally hundreds. Literally.)




Step 1:

Cut out a strip of clear translucent plastic that’s slightly larger than your file folder label (I actually cut my labels in half.) Tape a paper clip to the side you don’t want to write on. (Mouse over image for captions)

Step 2:

Slap a file folder label on the front side and you’re done! Now go make fifty or zero more!

Completely adjustable, more durable than traditional sticky flags, and — best of all — completely sourced from common household items!

Before I sign off, I’d like to encourage you lovely people to make this craft into your own. Tweak the materials, glue down the file folder labels unlike lazy old me, and just have fun with it! What is mine is now yours 🙂

~Live boundless.


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