To Take Back a Self-Deprecating Joke.

I’m accustomed to being the odd one out. I didn’t have any friends until third grade, of course that led to me being bullied for years straight, I’m an artist among engineers, and I seem to fit into the 1% for traits ranging from sexuality to types of knowledge.

As a result, I tend to make myself the butt end of most of my jokes. I’ve accepted that I very rarely fit in with my peers so I may as well do the legwork for them and laugh at myself. This never really felt wrong to me until a middle-aged receptionist called me out for it.

She noticed that I spoke very carefully as if trying not to put too much strain on my jaw so she asked when I’d be unwired. In reality, I’ve been unwired for 7 weeks now, but I got clearance to stop wearing rubber bands — and chew solid food — last Tuesday. Therefore, my jaw is very stiff and having an uncompromising range of motion feels very awkward to me. I pointed this out to her then laughed saying it probably looks awkward but it is what it is.

She took a moment to laugh at her misunderstanding before insisting that I didn’t look awkward. She repeated the statement for emphasis leaving me wondering if my self-deprecating jokes are as harmless as they seem. Would the receptionist have spoken up if my joke didn’t bother her? If it bothered her, shouldn’t it bother me?

~Live boundless.


4 thoughts on “To Take Back a Self-Deprecating Joke.

  1. The thing is, some people make self depreciating jokes and expect people to say no and disagree with the less that rosy picture they’ve presented of themselves. Maybe she thought you were trying to do that and she felt weird.


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