I Love my Little Brother.

Historically, my relationship with my brother has been fraught with anger, misunderstanding, and bitter grudges. We couldn’t have a single conversation without breaking into at least one petty argument. Eventually, those petty arguments became much more personal and we both knew it too. If we kept at it, the curse in my family would continue: yet another generation of siblings unwilling to even speak to one another let alone love. Let the curses be broken.Β 


Thanks to the immense patience, understanding, and the Lord’s grace…my brother and I can truly call ourselves siblings. Today on this Indian holiday, Raksha Bhandhan, I tie the rakhi on my brother’s wrist in pride of what we’ve overcome rather than in ceremony. I pray we will have many more.

-Live boundless.


7 thoughts on “I Love my Little Brother.

  1. Bilingualvegetable says:

    I have an older sister, and well we’ve never have any serious arguments, which I might owe to the fact that she is one of the scariest existences that I have encountered. Just a tip – If you can’t sedate them, scare them. Works just as well.


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