New Beginnings Part 2

Four years ago, I couldn’t have even imagined the feats I’ve accomplished over the past 48 hours.

1.) Four years ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was. 48 hours ago, I received the Blogger Recognition Award (sorry if this is getting obnoxious but I had to put it here!) and began drafting my second blog post about new beginnings.

2.) Four years ago, I unsuccessfully began begging my mum to make pacordiala dehi again (That’s plain yogurt with chunks of fried wheat.) 48 hours ago, I went to my grandmother’s house for some lunch. She made pacordiala dehi. I’ve never felt so complete before

3.) Four years ago, I didn’t know if Barack Obama would be re-elected or not. 48 hours ago, I e-mailed him. Arguably, this one isn’t as impressive because I e-mailed Michelle Obama last week, and I’m not expecting a response from either. But I can still say I did it.

4.) Four years ago, I didn’t know what an indicator was. 48 hours ago, I drove my car without an able-bodied adult riding shotgun four times. Technically, I’ve had my driver’s license for a few months but I live with my parents so there hasn’t been much of a need for me to embark to places all by myself. Yesterday, however, my dad had to get an oil change on his van so I had to drive to the dealership along with him. Also, I had to drive my drowsy mum to a lady who does threading for the both of us. Ever since I got my license, I knew I was at least a decent driver but I never really had concrete proof until this happened.

5.) Four years ago, I didn’t know what an op-ed was. 48 hours ago, I diligently submitted my op-ed to a third newspaper.

6.) Four years ago, my former orthodontist told me I had a severe under bite that could only be corrected by surgery. 48 hours ago, I opened my jaw wide enough to fit three fingers (the amount a normal person can open their jaw.) My TMJ problems are a thing of the past and I’m quite literally a new person because everyone who has seen me before surgery tells me I look way different. Honestly, I only see me because I saw my face changing slowly day-by-day.

Isn’t life just so utterly charming?

~Live boundless.



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