The Blogger Recognition Award X 3

At this point, I’ve been tripled nominated for this award by the following lovelies: Meet Me in NevadaNamitha, and Nyse.


The 5-minute version of the story of how my blog started…

I read a news article about an author who would pester everyone she met to start a blog which got me to thinking…what if I started one? I figured I love photography, writing, and my life is out of control enough that I can write about it and it won’t be boring. Then I e-mailed my role model blogger, Madison Sonnier, for some advice and to instill a little commitment in myself so I wouldn’t chicken out. You lovelies know the rest! 🙂

My nuggets of wisdom to new bloggers:

  1. Blogging isn’t just about writing blog posts. It’s about reading other people’s work and learning from them while making some new friends! (Also great for getting traffic.)
  2. Just do you. I know I said draw inspiration from other bloggers, but there’s a difference between learning from someone and modeling someone.

The 15 nominees I still stand strongly by today:

  1. Dreamer On a Cloud
    1. Amazing writing and heart
  2. Maggy Liu
    1. 21st century Shakespeare
  3. ihaveabadsenseofhumor
    1. Amazing sense of humor
    1. Cutesy vignettes
  5. Black Diamond Project
    1. Most likely to introduce a new point of view
  6. The Kay Saga
    1. Inspiration central
  7. Yourdvibes
    1. Thoughtful, on-point writing
  8. BeautyBeyondBones
    1. Consistently authentic, intimate, and witty posts
  9. Hannah Brencher
    1. Unique topics and life stories
  10. 365 Days of Kindness
    1. Best posts to start the morning
  11. Storyshucker
    1. Tales you won’t find anywhere else
  12. Sabiscuit’s Catalog
    1. Artwork that’ll knock your socks off
  13. Talking to Myselves
    1. Inspiration, art, and creativity in general all in one place
  14. rarasaur
    1. Most authentic and honest blog I’ve stumbled across
  15. Chahna Ahuja
    1. Only blog to take me down memory lane…

For those of you that I nominated who need to see the actual rules…

  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Thanks again, Meet Me in NevadaNyse and Namitha, for nominating me and giving me this wonderful opportunity! I was hoping to get this award further down the road but I never imagined I’d receive it so soon. Thrice!

~Live boundless.


15 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award X 3

  1. Congratulations first of all for your award. I was actually not aware I ust stopped by to read your new quote but lo and behold what a surprise… thank you for nominating me….


  2. Wow, thanks for posting. You deserved to receive this twice, your blog is a beautiful source of inspiration with meaning and moral interweaved within the posts: so there’s always something to make you grow. I’m so glad you commenced a blog, you created something truly unique which I was attracted to 😊


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