Giving Back Part 1: $25 Starbucks eGift Card Giveaway {Closed}


Hello, lovelies, I’m giving away a $25 Starbucks eGift Card for the debut of my “Giving Back” category. Basically, at the end of each month, starting next month, I’m going to post something in this category to thank you amazing people. It won’t always be the same thing because that would be boring and I’m poor. This month it’s a Starbucks eGift card! (I have to admit I’m pretty overwhelmed by the surge of followers, views, and awards I got in the past week. But it’s a good kind of overwhelmed!)

I’m accepting entries all day today, all you have to do is fill in the contact form, and I’ll email the winner first thing tomorrow. I will attach the e-gift card to the message as a JPEG file, so you can print it out or scan the bar code onto your phone, and I’m using the email <>.

Though I can’t technically tell you what to do, I’m putting the rules below:

One entry per person please! I would appreciate it if you shared this post with your friends so they have a chance to enter as well. Feel free to share one random thing! Or not. Once I choose a winner, I’ll post their name in the comments and tell them to look out for the email.

Disclaimer: Starbucks is not involved in this giveaway in any way, the only sponsor is me. Absolutely no activation, service, dormancy, or inactivity fees and there’s no expiration date.



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