Something on the Horizon.

Today is officially the last day of summer for me! I start university next Monday but, this year, I’ve already accumulated a bucket of stories before school ever started! As a tribute to that, I’m going to detail all of the crazy things I have done this summer:

  • Went to Hawaii! Seriously, if there are places as perfect as Hawaii out there in the world, I think I’ll have to live like a nomad. I want to live to see them all! Emphasis on live. My family hasn’t gone on a single vacation without somebody nearly reaching death’s doorstep.
  • Got my driver’s license. I literally threw myself at my dad after I passed. Alerting  everyone else at the DMV of what just happened.
  • Got a debit card. (I got this on the same day as my license so I just had my paper confirmation that I passed the test and my high school student ID.)
  • Got jaw surgery. (I actually got this the day after I got my license.) I learned two things: anesthesia-induced sleep  doesn’t count as real sleep (you try sleeping the night before the surgery you’ve been waiting for half your life) and what it’s like to have a nosebleed. Believe it or not, I’ve somehow never actually had a nosebleed before but I’ve always been morbidly curious. Well, be careful what you wish for because my nose was like a waterfall. (The tissues inside got inflamed from all the tubes they stuck up my nose while I was “asleep.”)
  • Made a resume. (I’ve been avoiding doing this my whole life.) And helped my dad with his!
  • Went rock hunting. Throwback post! I had to gather rocks for this DIY zen garden that’s, sadly, still sitting in my closet. (I’m going to give it to my dad when he gets a job.)
  • Started a blog. Another throwback post! If you lovelies were ever wondering, I published my introduction post first. So this post is the oldest one by a few seconds. 😛
  • Wrote an op-ed. That I’m still trying to get published! 😀
  • Almost died yet again. First time, I almost bashed my head on some rocks. This time, I almost got into a car crash.
  • Gained 50+ followers for said blog.
  • Secretly began to exercise. It’s been years since I’ve even touched a dumbbell so I can’t even get a full hour in, yet, but just you lovelies watch. I’ll be planking for two full minutes soon enough.
  • Got a flue shot. My left deltoid feels like someone got an anvil and smashed it through my bone. :/

Hopefully, now you lovelies understand that this summer has been the wildest possible vacation (at Hawaii and home) I’ve ever had. Despite it all, I still feel completely unprepared for next Monday. Except for driving to university. That I’m prepared for. But as soon as I park the car and walk to class, I’m blank. I packed up my backpack with a 1″ binder to hold all the syllabi, my handy dandy DIY pencil pouch, my glasses case, deodorant, and pretty much everything else I need. But I do not feel prepared. Wish me luck I guess? Or whatever else it takes to survive the first day of university?

-Live boundless.


6 thoughts on “Something on the Horizon.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful and fantastic summer! It also sounds like you grew a lot!

    As a recent college grad myself I will offer you this:
    -IF IT SCARES THE LIVING SH*T OUT OF YOU….YOU SHOULD PROBABLY DO IT. (In regards to career and such.)

    Lol I wish I’d have had someone to yell those words at me before I started but I didn’t so now I’m yelling them at you. Hope they help and don’t worry, you’re gonna do great.

    Oh yea, one last bit. Don’t bother making the right decisions. Just make sure you make your decisions right. 😉 Good luck.


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