First Day of University

EXTRA! EXTRA! Soon-to-be-woman embarks on her first day of university and finds out she’s actually prepared for it?

My epiphany took place as soon as I woke up. I opened my eyes and felt indomitable so off I went! My wonderful dad accompanied me on the drive over to university as a first time grace, and admitted he’d love to come with me everyday but that isn’t a choice, and I got there 57 minutes early. Thug life am I right? I figured I’d just wander around the campus and acclimate, maybe meet a few people here and there. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Half the student population probably wasn’t even awake at that hour. Eventually, I did meet the community facilitator at my sort-of residence hall. I don’t live on-campus but there’s a commuter lounge in that particular residence hall so I figured I’d go there. According to the facilitator, however, it was closed for storage! So I chatted her up. Then I met a fellow freshman, named Christina, by the bookstore…and proceeded to talk to her until I had to leave for class. Whoo! Two successful social encounters before I even had my first class!

My first class was a philosophy course, more specifically, Ethics in Society. The professor had a glowing sense of humor and his passion for teaching pretty much poured into every word. Dad was right. The professors do care about what they do. He wrote a question on the board: ‘What kind of a person do I want to become?’ explaining its unparalleled importance in a young adult’s life. He urged us to ask ourselves this question every day, pointing out that he only got to where he was because he asked himself that question when he was our age. In the previous century.

I’m not 100% positive what this class will cover but I already know I’m gonna like it because I love thinking about mindset, willpower, and so on. Also, the professor said he’ll only give us three tests this quarter. No quizzes. Those three tests plus an essay make up 90% of the grade but get this…he’s going to give us the questions on the test the school day before the test so we can review. On test day, he chooses two questions out of the test, assuming it’s less than 76 questions, and we answer those. If we don’t know what we’re doing, it’s on us. At first I was a little daunted by this responsibility, but upon some introspection I found that I relish it. I don’t want any more hand-holding because I’m ready for the next level.

My second, and last class, for the day was an introduction statistics course. The professor over viewed the syllabus for us and launched straight into the first lesson! Moving right along! Looking forward to that based on my previous experience with statistics and the fact that every decent psychologist knows how to statistic. I want to be a decent psychologist so I need to know how to statistic. 😀

At the end of this class, I inadvertently met a fellow Psych major named Sonia. Basically, I thought I bought the wrong textbook for the class because mine had a different cover, but the same ISBN I would later find, and she happened to have bought the same one. Overhearing me talking to the teacher, she showed me her textbook and assured me it was the right one because she bought it from the bookstore. We walked out of class together and got to know each other a little better before I left for the day.

On another note, none of my teachers mentioned anything even remotely related to required materials for the class, other than textbooks, which tells me they expect us to know how to organize ourselves. As a lifelong neat freak, this is obviously not very difficult for me. However, I still came across some questions about the syllabi upon a deeper reading at home so I emailed my teachers with my typical professional lingo. Kudos to journalism.

I’m actually going to give a huge shout-out to my decision to take journalism in high school because the soft skills I honed during journalism metaphorically carried me the entire day. Plonking down at a table with a complete stranger? Learned it in journalism. Sending out professional emails? Learned it in journalism. Asking random strangers for directions to the bathroom? Learned it in journalism. Active listening? Learned it in journalism. Taking charge of my own grade? Learned it in journalism. Time management? Learned it in journalism.

All in all, I’d say I actually have this thing under control! I know how to ask for help, I know how to prioritize fairly well, I know how to keep myself organized, I know how take charge of my education, and I’m excited!

The only thing I’m unsure about is how I’m going to balance university and this blog, since I’ve never done either before, but I’m going to figure it out! Please be patient with me as I traverse this tunnel!

~Live boundless.

P.S. Every time you see the word ‘professor’ I had to change it from ‘teacher.’ Not used to calling people ‘professor!’


20 thoughts on “First Day of University

  1. Oh it sounds very exciting and interesting! Well, apart fro the Statistics. I studied that one too at university. A necessary evil I guess. I would bet on your social skills being partly because of your good upbringing too and your personality 🙂 Hope you love it and best wishes x

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  2. That’s awesome! I remember my first year. I made some lifelong friends as well as learned new things about myself. Your last statement made me laugh because a lot of “teachers” were doctors so we’d address them as such. I’ve never used professor. It sounds so weird to me lol.

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