In Fall!


In fall!

I change my bed sheets to fleece.

In fall!

The leaves blush as I pass them by.

In fall!

I celebrate my birthday again.

In fall!

I lace up my Doc Martens.

In fall!

I play dress-up and get candy .

In fall!

My old friend, Rain, pays me a visit.

In fall!

The grass is really greener.

In fall!

The fashion is worth seeing.

In fall!

Gratitude is abound.

~Live boundless.


7 thoughts on “In Fall!

  1. I really liked this poem. πŸ™‚ Thank you for writing it.

    Now more than ever before, for some reason, I’ve been excited for fall, and this poem conveyed that excitement. When I was done reading it, I thought “And that’s why fall is awesome.”


  2. “Live boundless”- very beautifully penned ! I like autumn too. But isn’t it strange that in fall everything’s dying yet it’s so beautiful?! Just a random thought πŸ™‚


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