Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

Thank you meetmeinnevada for nominating me for this challenge, allowing me to use your imageand patiently explaining to me how it works because I’m a derp. Essentially, this is a challenge where you post three quotes a day for three days, and you lovelies have to guess the source, with three nominees each day. (Inception much?)


I don’t have any premeditated themes or sources in mind, I’m just going to go with quotes that’ll make this morning less morning-like. In terms of guessing, you lovelies can just comment below and I’ll announce the official source tomorrow, but without further ado…

“The sun is coming through the window now. Oh, Lord, what a heavenly light.”

I’ll admit I’ve never actually watched the movie that this quote comes from but I’m still a huge fan of it, reason being, I think it’s better than the one that goes something like “every rain comes with a rainbow.” That one’s just way overdone at this point but this quote is relatively untouched and carries the same message to always look for the positive.

“Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat.”

Strangely, I’ve seen a lot of people guilty of this one. Their plans don’t go according to plan for one reason or the other and they end up giving up. Life is all about learning how to pick yourself up when you fall down. How can you ever learn if you stay down?

“You can make friends without making memories, but you can’t make memories without making friends.”

This one actually comes from an older blog post of mine. Kudos to you if you can actually figure out which one as it’s probably over a month old now. If not, that’s fine. I heard this quote in real life from a spunky, yet slightly philosophical, college junior and I just thought it was the coolest thing to hear at the time. At first I thought he must have heard it from somewhere but, upon a Google search, it looks like he made it up himself!

I wish you lovelies the best of luck on this wild goose chase! My three nominees are:

A Mile In my Shoes



~Live boundless.



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