Running on Nothing.

As I type this, my head spins. I’ve synced up with the Earth’s rotation! Just kidding. I have an iron deficiency. The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling deadbeat for seemingly no particular reason…and then there was the dizziness. By the way, I’m vegetarian and didn’t have a proper diet most of this summer while I was recovering from jaw surgery.

Maybe it was inevitable before the needle ever entered my skin, siphoning out my already-lacking lifeblood. (Although, I could have had this issue for years and just never known. Most people with an iron deficiency don’t know it until they get a blood test done.)

I’m not so much worried about the physiological aspect of it as much as I’m about taking my pills. I’m terrible at taking pills. I forget to take them even with reminders on my phone. Luckily, you can take iron at pretty much any time of the day so I’m sure I’ll remember it at some random moment and keep up that way. Also, this is the first time that I’m regularly taking pills that actually affect my health in a tangible way so…no pressure…but pressure.

Would you believe I’ve already taken three breaks from the screen at this point? I’ll be honest, I could outspin an ice skater and outsleep a polar bear right now. But neither of those activities are practical or authentic to me. If I’m running on nothing, then I’m going to spend my time on what really matters. Everything else can just fade away. I’ll take this as a lesson not to waste time because my energy is limited.

I’m not iron deficient, I’m me. I have an iron deficiency, it doesn’t have me.

~Live boundless.

P.S. I’m probably not going to be blogging as frequently this week while I adjust to this new energy threshold. Please be patient with me!


22 thoughts on “Running on Nothing.

  1. I have an iron deficiency too. Im also a vegetarian, well pescetarian. Good luck with your recovery. I think eating more nuts and fish, and taking supplements, is helping me in that regard. I also had a jaw injury, but I didnt get surgery. Probably shouldve. lol

    Take your time. Your fellow bloggers will still be here.

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  2. Awwwh. Hope you are feeling better jasmine. Wish you a speedy recovery. We are here for you whenever you come back, take care! much love and hugs❤️😘


  3. elizafaith00 says:

    I was anemic because of my iron levels were so low. It sucks…. I couldn’t run for a whole season! But taking those pills 2 times a day helped me…. I had energy again and finally I was not anemic anymore. I’d come home not doing anything but school, and be so exhausted… it was awful, but you can help it be better. I believe in you as always:)

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