Darling, I’ve got stories that I’ll never tell,

They’re written on my soul from a well,

Of my own blood,

Indelible and thick as mud.


Don’t worry…

Your secret’s safe with me,

I’ll guard it with my soul,

Then fade to dust with it in a hole.


The truth weighs heavy upon me,

I need someone to set me free,

I’m drowning in this black hell,

Can you break this spell?


Close your eyes,

I know places we can hide,

Hold me tight,

I can show you the light.ย 


Sing for me my sweet,

Let me take in your heat,

Close the distance in between,

And I’ll believe.


There’s nowhere else I’d be,

I’m with you foreverย if you let me,

Don’t let me go,

I’ll soothe your sorrow.


I keep lying awake at night,

I need your powers of flight,

Show me the golden path,

So that I may never look back.


~Live boundless.

P.S. I think I finally found the perfect theme for my blog. The scrolling header, the consistent sidebar (used to vanish when clicking on posts,) and the way the categories/tags look now just melt my heart. Still working out the kinks on fonts colors and whatnot but, in the meantime, I’d appreciate any suggestions you lovelies have!ย This happy little corner of the Internet belongs to you just as much as it does to me and I want you all to be comfortable in it.


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