DIY Wednesday Addams Costume

Do use me as a reference!

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“I’m a homicidal maniac, they just look like everyone else,” – Wednesday Addams. And I’m going to show you how to look like the first one.

Depending on how many of these articles that you already own, this can cost anywhere from a few bucks–$45. I only spent $1.99 plus tax on the skull because I own a majority of the costume already, and I’m sure that you lovelies do as well. I don’t have much experience with make-up or wigs so I can’t recommend anything if you’re not naturally pale-skinned and brunette like me. My apologies.

Just for fun, and to get into character, I’m going to write as if I were actually Wednesday Addams. Which, arguably, I could be since I’m quite the aficionado for dark humor, I dislike far more people than I like, I don’t tolerate haters, I love black, I’m very good at not smiling, and I’m not afraid of death. I won’t say anything more on my views on death because I’ll probably give you lovelies the wrong idea.

But I digress! Onto the tutorial!


glowinthedarkskullA human skull. The fresher, the better. I procure my own, of course, but you may acquire a reasonable alternative here in exchange for your immortal soul (and $2.99.)


blacktightsblack pencil dress. Ideally with 3/4″ or full sleeves, however, you may cover up with a black cashmere cardigan if your dress happens to have been made by a nincompoop of a fashion designer. Like mine. The dress should be above or at the knees. It wouldn’t do to be shivering in your britches in the day of night. Do wear the dress with a pair of L’eggs Sheer Energy jet black sheer tights. It would be most disgraceful not to.

actualcombatbootYou don’t see any homicidal maniacs making their getaway in stilettos. Father was gracious enough to buy me Doctor Martens but, seeing as you only want to pretend to be me for a day, you’d be better served by a pair more like these black $16.99 Bamboo Surprise-01N combat boots.


I’m not a huge believer in cosmetics so much as I am in my apathy. However, I have my $10 fancies. Namely, L’Oréal Paris black eyeliner, it comes with a free sharpener, and Wet n Wild Shine “Red Red” nail polish.

  • A tip for the eyeliner: I fill in my upper and lower waterline then I underline beneath my lower eyelid. As for the upper eyelid, I’m dreadful at the beholden “winged eyeliner.” I simply draw a blob on my eyelid and smudge it with water. Some would say it resembles a smoky eye. They are wise.
  • A tip for the nail polish: Always paint away from you. That’s the direction the knife goes. Painting towards you will likely smudge your cuticle.

That’s what it takes to look like me. I suppose I should thank you for reading.

Thank you and Happy Halloween.

Image source

~Live boundless.


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