This is What Love Looks Like.

Sometimes even the smallest, albeit unexpected, things can make a giant impact.

I was running late yesterday morning, I forgot I start school at 8:30 instead of 9:15, and my dad helped me get ready in 15 minutes.

By the way, by “getting ready,” I mean brushing, combing my hair, eating breakfast, making lunch, packing up my school supplies, and getting on my socks and shoes. Yeahhh it was intense as it sounds.

I didn’t notice this when my dad was making the sandwiches, but he cut them into triangles! To give some backstory, I haven’t had sandwiches shaped in triangles in years. The last time I had these would have to be when I was in elementary school. That part of my life carried a lot of different emotions and being plunged back into it so suddenly was exhilarating.Β I had to try really hard not to cry while I ate the sandwiches. I almost didn’t want to eat them, but they were made to be eaten after all.


It seems like such a weird thing to do now that I think about it (but I used to love it when I was younger.) This man just went out of his way to cut my sandwiches into these perfect little triangles without me even asking. That is what love looks like; someone going to the trouble of making their beloved smile, and that’s worth more to me than all the diamond rings in the world.

Has anyone surprised you lovelies recently?

~Live boundless.


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