{Update:} Running on Nothing

As you lovelies know, I was recently diagnosed with an iron deficiency. I thought I’d let you in on how things have been going since you all have been so supportive and caring!

The dizziness has gone down for sure and I have more energy now! The only I wasn’t prepared for is  that I have a bigger appetite now. (Iron deficiency is known to diminish your appetite.) I’ve always been a fairly hungry person, but I wasn’t expecting to need an extra meal. Even though it’s a long shot from where I am, I’m fairly skinny and I eat reasonably clean, I don’t want to get fat. <.> I’m just going to have to adjust my diet for my new appetite. And maybe this is the kick in butt that I need to finally start exercising?

I want to thank you lovelies again for all of your kind words and encouragement; I’m so blessed to have wonderful people like you reading my blog, and I’m infinitely grateful for each and every one of you.

~Live boundless.


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