The Promise Challenge

I saw this challenge on greendogchronicles and had to get involved. After dropping my statistics class, I could really use a little healthy promise-keeping.

The Rules of this Challenge:

  1. Pick one promise that you want to keep to yourself today
  2. Keep that promise to the best of your ability
  3. Inspire and encourage at least one person to keep a promise to himself of herself

Ideally, you pick a promise that you know you can keep, but also isn’t so superficial that you know it won’t be impactful.

I’ve found that keeping an important promise, fair and square, is the easiest way to boost my self-esteem and confidence. It proved that I can trust myself, that I’m dependable, and that I’m worthy.

My Promise

Work harder in university and make my parents proud. I’m functioning at about 70-80% right now, I can do better. And I should do better. Not just because I dropped my statistics class, but also because my education matters.

Please note that I’m not swearing to get all A’s on everything by making this promise. That’s unreasonable. I’m just saying I’m going to do my best and, if straight A’s arise from that, wonderful. If not, I still honored the second loftiest promise I’ve made in a while. (First one was to never self-harm again.)

This is how I encourage you lovelies to make your promise. Make one you are capable of carrying out, make one that resonates with your soul, make one that’ll make you feel like you accomplished something important at the end of every single day.

I could go on and on about the benefits, but I think you lovelies already understand the main positive consequences. (Psst! There are no negative consequences!)

Feeling inspired yet?

~Live boundless.


12 thoughts on “The Promise Challenge

  1. What a wonderful idea! I love the fact that you make use of your blog to its best and fullest potential…definitely feeling inspired😇!
    Loved your honesty….😊


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