“Character Friendship”

My philosophy professor coined this term in class yesterday; it basically describes a friendship formed entirely on mutual love for who the other person is. It’s so powerful that one simply can’t have more than a couple of these friendships at any given time. However, that’s not to say that these relationships are infallible as they do fall apart sometimes.

This may go without saying, but character friendships require a substantial character to begin with. I wouldn’t bet on middle school students being able to form these kinds of relationships; they haven’t come into their personality yet and they lack the life experience.

I used to be pretty distressed by the fact that I had none of these types of friendships. Many girls I knew described their best friend as their sister and I couldn’t even fathom how they came to feel that way. Personally, I was just too afraid and hurt to trust anyone enough to get to know them, or let them know me, on a deeper level.

However, I’m taking a leaf out of my own book now and asking myself, “Why not be open and vulnerable? I keep preaching to live without boundaries, so why not?” I may be making this sound simple right now, but this revelation is years in the making, and the reason I stress this is that I don’t want you lovelies to feel like this type of change can — or should — happen overnight. Never feel ashamed of moving at your own pace. 🙂

Now I can proudly say that I’ve two character friendships and that’s enough. How about you lovelies? Have you had or do you have significant others (not to be confused with boyfriend/girlfriend) in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

~Live boundless.


10 thoughts on ““Character Friendship”

  1. I have close friends, some I see a couple of times a week and others a couple of times a year. I also have lots of other friends who I can call on. I don’t have a friend exactly like me, like a soulmate but I don’t mind. They are all scattered and each offer differences to suit my varied personality. I’m happily married too and he’s my love; but I honestly think there are a few people out there in the world for everyone. The notion of soulmates is one I don’t subscribe to. I guess I have a similar attitude to friends.

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  2. I am blessed to have friendships like you describe. They are my circle of friends. You are right about middle schoolers. I have twin daughters in 7th grade. The “learning how to friendships” curve is steep but well worth it.

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