Meditation Journal Entry #2: A Hope-Filled Meeting

I met with my academic counselor yesterday with zero expectations of any insight or progress. Reason being, I was slightly disgruntled from my last meeting with her (I was convinced that she doesn’t like me which is completely wrong,) and the prospect of taking statistics over summer was becoming less and less promising.

See, the summer courses at my school last 5 weeks and there are no tutors available. I can’t take a statistics course at a community college in the meantime because that’d require co-enrollment which isn’t allowed. All I really can do is self-study. And so the plot thickened…

Then, my academic counselor basically dropped a bomb on my worries and informed me that statistics would be offered in Spring quarter. I squealed, “REALLY?!?” That’s the most ideal situation possible because I’ll still have time to self-study and I’ll have the full support of the professor and tutors.

Once that was out of the way, I felt comfortable enough to barrage my counselor with the many questions circling around my head:

What’s the difference between a minor and an emphasis?” A minor is separate from your degree while an emphasis is within it.

The requirements to graduate don’t include the number of required units. What gives?”Β Actually, to graduate, students only have to take one course of each type of the core requirements. Art is the only course that has a certain number of required units.

I’m considering a minor. I was thinking Biology or Public Health because I want to go into healthy psychology.”Β The Biology minor is a little more rigorous, it requires 3 CHEMISTRY COURSES AT THE SAME TIME. And that was enough to turn me off. The one chemistry course I took in high school, I barely passed and didn’t learn much at all from. Next please!

Public Health aligns pretty closely with a Psychology major, actually. The only additional courses I’d have to take are one Biology course and one Chemistry course. That minor should only take around one year to complete so I have time on that one.

Of course, I’m still trying to get a feel for things, so I probably won’t embark on my minor until closer to junior year, but it was good just to begin brainstorming ideas.

All in all, I established hope and faith in myself again and I have a renewed motivation to do my best in university. I’m exactly where I wish I was on the first day of school, but better late than never.Β 

In my current state, it’s impossible for me to go full-on yogi meditation mode. Why? I live with 3 other people, I’m an introvert, and my humble abode is a 2-story smack-dab in the middle of the big city. Not a cottage in the middle of a forest. The best I’m going to get is a ‘meditative experience’ and, honestly, that’s OK. I’m not sure if you lovelies are familiar with the term “wabi sabi,” but it’s basically the center of Japanese aesthetics and it revolves around insufficiency and impermanence. It’s also deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism which, I consider, the birthplace of meditation. If I shamelessly smash all those things together, my ‘meditative experiences’ are perfectly acceptable.

If I can approach life with the same peacefulness that I treated my brother with when he unknowingly barged in on my meditative experience, I think I’ll have something really good going. Not only would I be way less irritable if I just breathe through things and relax, but I think I’d be way less intimidated by social encounters.

~Live boundless.

P.S. I’d appreciate any and all feedback about the format of this post.


8 thoughts on “Meditation Journal Entry #2: A Hope-Filled Meeting

  1. I somehow taught myself statistics… I took it as an online class (big mistake) over the summer (bigger mistake). I probably should have failed the class because I was unaware at the beginning that there were weekly quizzes that I was not taking, so 4 weeks into an 8 week coarse, I had a 48% class grade. I requested to makeup the quizzes and the teacher agreed, only giving me a 3 hour time-span to complete 4 quizzes. And of course the time she picked, I was on vacation, but I got through them, passed all but one. Good luck!
    Oh! And I learned something: the minor is not the same topic of a major! I was confused when I graduated with a ‘focus’ in Management and not a minor in it with my Business degree.:)


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