Tidying Up my Closet (and Soul)


Well, hello there…

Nothing to see here, just an Emily Dickinson poem and a reminder about my mentality regarding sadness that my little brother wrote for me in a birthday card once. I stumbled across this little gem while cleaning out the cabinet in my closet. You read that right. A cabinet in my closet. (Thank you Container Store for providing me with the kooky home organization that I didn’t know I need in my life.)

I’m not a huge believer in superstition, but I concede that I do believe that some things are meant to happen. Finding this happy little note? Immediately quenched the fears I felt towards self-studying for Finite Math (I hope to re-take it next quarter with an apparently awesome professor if all goes well.)

I hope you lovelies find this as inspirational as I do right now!

~Live boundless.



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