Winter as Life

I was thinking of how the Winter season is traditionally a very negative and dark time of the year while listening to Taeyeon’s “11:11.”

It seems that her relationship bloomed in the Spring, warmed up in the Summer, cooled down in the Fall, and died by the Winter. Winter always seems to signify death in pop culture, I’m not sure if Winter’s role in the Bible has anything to do with that, but I don’t see it that way.

For me, Winter is a time of purification and cleansing because it’s the sole part of the year that consistently brings rain. What is rain? Water. What is water? Life. We shower in it, we drink it, we’re made of it, and we live on it. Winter is life.

Also, because Winter comes at the end of the year, I like to use it as a time of reflection on all the things I’ve done over the year. A reverse bucket list as meetmeinnevada put it. (Just for kicks, here’s mine…)

  1. Apply to my dream university
  2. Get accepted at my dream university
  3. Pass the AP English Language and Composition, U.S. Government and Politics, and Psychology exams
  4. Graduate from high school
  5. Get my driver’s license
  6. Get jaw surgery the day after (this is a huge milestone when you’ve been waiting and preparing half your life)
  7. Recover from jaw surgery
  8. Start a blog
  9. Start university
  10. Pass my first midterm

Often times, this time of reflection extends into me picking a New Year’s resolution as I analyze which choices have been working for me and which ones haven’t. That’s why I see Winter as a new beginning instead of the end.

Sometimes we have to lose our path to find the right way. And that’s perfectly okay if you remember why you stepped off the dirt trail in the first place.

This past March, I broke up with my soul sister. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t painful or confusing because it was one of the most troubling and convoluted choices I’ve made, but it was, in addition to starting my blog, one of the best life choices I’ve made.

Over all the the missed phone calls and text messages, I would have taught myself that love isn’t free and that I’m not worthy of it by staying in that relationship. I didn’t want to do that. I left so I could save my heart for someone who’ll stay. God knows if I’ll find them, but I’ll go along with whatever He wills.

So when you lovelies progress into the months of November and December, be thankful and jolly not to counteract the weather, but because you’re entering a brand new period of your lives. Even if you’re not making big changes to your life such as moving homes or breaking old habits, you’re entering a new year that you’ve never experienced before. If that’s not exhilarating, I don’t know what is.

One final note: What other time of year can you sit in your dining room with a cup of piping hot green tea and just space out in the beauty and glory of rain clouds? None!

~Live boundless.

P.S. How do you lovelies see Winter? What do your reverse bucket lists look like? Are you as excited to sip green tea and relax as me?


10 thoughts on “Winter as Life

      1. I work with my mother and when we are both at home working I can’t escape her. She’s always in a pissy mood when we work from home and with her fiance it just adds to the stress. It’s actually annoying.


  1. I don’t like tea. But I like hot chocolate.

    It’s weird: For some reason I’m really happy for the fall and winter seasons this year.

    Maybe it’s the thought of sitting by the fireplace, listening to the Skyrim soundtrack while snow falls, maybe it’s the new possibilities my life has, but I’m really looking forward to winter.

    It’s funny: I’ve been watching Game of Thrones — a series where winter is feared — and along comes this post to remind me that winter is awesome. Thank you. 🙂

    My reverse bucket list would be:

    1. Overcome my feelings of depression. (I still struggle with them from time to time, but I finally feel like I have moved beyond them: They aren’t a part of my life to extent that they used to be.)
    2.Decide what the next part of my life will be: College, or a job.
    3. Apply for a job.
    4. Reconnect with an old friend.
    5. Learn what kind of cat is begging for food outside my front door. (It’s a calico.)
    6. Learn more about blogging.

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