Meditation Journal Entry #5: Keeping Things in Perspective 

Let’s just say that the result of the presidential election and tensions with my family have given me more than enough reasons to curl up into a ball, cry, and vanish. But…I have a life to lead.

Yes, my future with my family — and as an American citizen — grows ever more unclear. Just about anything could happen and, while that can seem distressing, it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to keep things in perspective. Donald Trump can only do some much damage as President. Separation of powers exists for a reason and, worst comes to worst, he’ll likely be impeached if he abuses the executive order system. Or the nuclear codes. As for the folks fleeing the country, we need to be more involved politically right now. Not less.

I don’t know that my parents will ever fully come to accept me but they won’t disown me and they still love me. They just happen to have a different point of view about relationships and a big factor in that is the generational gap between us. If everyone keeps their minds open, however, things will turn out fine. 

I have complete faith in both of these ideas because they’re reasonable. It’s so easy to fall into fear and predict the doom of this country but that doesn’t serve anyone. What will serve the people is advocating for the groups that are going to be discriminated against in Trump’s policies. Don’t let him repeal same-sex marriage or abortion, don’t allow him to build the wall, get out there and lobby Congress. 

As for my family, it’s going to be a game of “wait and see.” Frankly, I’m not even interested in a relationship at the moment because I have other priorities like a college education and this blog. Also, I’m nowhere near emotionally ready for one at the moment.

Bottom line: Maintaining perspective in times of hardship and uncertainty has always kept me grounded. It’s played a massive role in preventing me from relapsing into self-harm because I used to feel like every little mistake was a disaster. But how many mistakes are really going to affect you in the next five years? Also, I find that most challenges aren’t as difficult as they first may appear. You just have to have the courage to take that first step and, progressively, it just gets easier and easier.

~Live boundless.


13 thoughts on “Meditation Journal Entry #5: Keeping Things in Perspective 

  1. I have loved your blog from day one your brain is like a mini me. I wish I could vocalize my feelings as you do at a young age.
    I don’t know if you have children or not but I raised 3 kids to adulthood. Two were mine and one a step daughter I took over in the fifth grade because her mom was into drugs and running the roads and going to prison.
    I can tell you this , a parent may never accept your beliefs as their own, they may never like your choice of a man or a woman whatever your preference but I can tell you even in their absolutely worse moment even if the I LOVE YOU do not flow easily and frequently from their lips . If they look at your partner like their constipated . If they don’t allow the at their house it is their house , Go alone .
    After a while they will see how happy this person makes you and time is a great healer . But let me give you one piece of advice. Beat them down with love with visits . Your parents love you . Whether your biological or adopted they raised you they love you.
    I can only speak for mothers because I am one . I have witnessed the love my brother has for his kids .
    I sometimes absolutely hated the person my kids were with but tried not to show it. I learned right away if I hated them they had to make me wrong and stayed with them longer. My kids are like me they love harder and stubborn as hell fire.

    But they are your parents you get one set when they are dead that is it. My mother was an unhappy overwhelmed rule with a strong fist , whip your assistance mom. She didn’t say I love you . I heard it the first time going into the labor and delivery room for my second child. I she said I Love you I must be dying.
    My mom did a lot of wrong but she did alot right . I would give anything to spend a day with her . When they are dead it is over and you don’t have to be old to die. I wish you every happiness and I wish you a soft tongue and unclinched teeth when your with them . I pray you speak your truth with love and kindness so they can accept it. whatever it is.

    Your in my prayers

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