30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 12


Day 12:

My PC. And something happened to it yesterday so this is a very appropriate time to be writing about it.

My spacebar was sticking and, as it turns out, my warranty actually expired that very day. I called up tech support and got transferred to out-of-warranty support at first, but technically I was still under warranty so the guy had to transfer me to in-warranty support.

In-warranty support wouldn’t believe that my warranty expired that day, they said it expired 3 days ago and needed some proof of purchase to verify. Yeah…I totally have a receipt for something I bought a year ago let alone a few weeks ago! But, as it turns out, I did. The packing slip for my PC was still on the box I got it in and it had the order number and all those deets.

Once that was all figured out, the guy had to go check on things and — here’s where it gets funny. He calls back from the hold and says something really quickly, but I don’t understand him, and suddenly…his voice changes. To a thick, posh British accent. Ok, actually he handed the phone to someone else but I missed his warning apparently. British guy says that basically it’s going to cost $229 to fix the spacebar because they’re going to have to replace the entire keyboard plus I have to pay the expense for sending it to the factory. Yeah…I don’t have $229 period. And fam has better things to spend $229 on.

I thanked the guy for this time but said we’d have to consider other options. My dad blew compressed air in my spacebar and it’s now functioning at 95% of its original condition. That’s perfectly fine for me! My dad told me, “You guys don’t listen, but this is why I tell you to cover your keyboards. Dust kills technology. The reason your spacebar wasn’t working is because dust was getting trapped underneath.”

So…lesson learned. My window’s open to air out my room and I’m going to cover my PC’s keyboard as soon as I finish typing this! As well as every other time I use it. Because I’m thankful that I have this wonderful PC and I’m very lucky to have it. Not everyone can afford their own PC’s and my PC could be dead. (The last Dell that my family bought literally died on us and never turned on again within a month of us buying it. It was a huge risk buying this baby.)

Without my PC, I wouldn’t be able to write essays for my classes at home, blog, do research, take online surveys for gift cards because I don’t make money, find inspiration for art and life, and so on. Moral of the story: Take care of your laptop and it’ll take care of you!

~Live boundless.


7 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

  1. take a q-tip and dip it in alcohol and run it bettween the keys. you can pop the individual keys or space key off . and clean it turn it up sign down and tap it on the table there will be crumbs and everything else in it.


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