30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 15


Day 15: Experience

I’m grateful for my first ever tutoring session. Last Thursday, I met with a tutor for Finite Math to go over some problems in the textbook that I didn’t understand. Let’s just say it didn’t go anywhere near as planned.

First of all, I went to the wrong place. Then I went to the right place, but the tutor was nowhere to be found. He actually walked in a few minutes later but I didn’t recognize him because he sat in the wrong place thinking he was tutoring for someone else that day. By that point, I’d completely lost my nerve and figured I should just go home. But I hesitated. I didn’t want to forsake my sole chance of finally understanding Venn diagrams just because I was embarrassed and lost. Everyone is embarrassed and lost at times.

I marched back into the Tutoring Center and my tutor approached me after seeing how confused I looked.

“What are you here for?” he asked.

“Math 6,” I answered.

“I can help you with that. Sorry, I thought I was tutoring someone else with that,” he explained why he sat down at the Organic Chemistry table.

At first, I was shy about asking him to go through problems with me, but I soon discovered that he’s really nice! Not only did he show me how to do the problem, he explained the whole concept and framework behind it. Plus, he gave me some neat tips to succeed in Finite Math when I re-take it next quarter.

All in all, faith and confidence restored. I’m going back to see him with some questions today and I’m seeing the beginning of something beautiful.

~Live boundless.

P.S. What about you lovelies? What are some experiences you’ve had that changed you for the better?


12 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 15

  1. I am proud of you.I never got my high school diploma and I was always ashamed . I went back to school at 43 and got my ged ad then dove into college before I chickened out. I ended in graduating with honors. I think it is never too late and I was so much better as a student when I was older. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions.if I didn’t understand I asked fifty times if I needed to

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      1. thank you . I think it will be a couple of chapter in my book if I ever get started on it. I learned more about myself going back to school than at any other time in my life.

        My ex-husband didn’t want me to go back to school he said I should just work at the business he chose not at anything else. If he had had my back then and encouraged me we would still be married but he made my life a living HELL, if it wasn’t something he wanted or something that made more money for him it was worthless. He told me for 19 years I would have nothing without him. I wasn’t good at math so he called me stupid. I could read and understand literature at college level but I could not understand math and I have never liked it. But I love to read and it is an adventure to me to live through the writings of others.

        So when I wanted to start a support group for survivors of sexual abuse he brushed it off with ” it is just sex get over it”. When I wanted to get my high school diploma because I was ashamed of not graduating and asked him if it bothered him to put he quit in the 9th grade ? He said no I just lie and say I graduated. That should have showed me the person he was a lying person. When he said sexual abuse was just sex he was just an unfeeling person and unsupportive of my feelings.

        I had 19 years of it but finally this was the thing that finally snapped the rope holding me to this marriage.

        I didn’t want my kids to go through another divorce but many years after the divorce I found out he was beating my son every time i left him at home with him making him a very angry young man. He grew into a angry adult . Fighting all the time taking his anger towards my ex husband out on people in bars . He drank to cover his hurt.

        Thank God he finally met a woman he could open up to and the he opened up to me.i am angry that he felt he could not tell me what was going on. He was afraid I would not take his side but I would have. It would have given me the reason I needed to leave him sooner than I did. I could take his unfeeling attitude toward me but not towards my kids.

        I am still working out those angry feeling since I only found out this year. But I am trying to let it go but it is very hard.

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      2. I am so blessed I can’t tell you. I remarried three years later and we have been together going on 17 years. I am almost 62 . He is a gift from God . He is my best friend he is the exact opposite of the one before. He is get to my two kids and my grandkids . I almost died in 2007 I was in and out of ICU he never left the hospital . I know this sounds gross , but like most males he is not good with odors.

        I was so weak I could not take care of my bathroom needs to clean. This man did this for me. He was there for the loss of my only parent. He had never raised his voice to me he backs me in anything I want or need and I back him up.

        I pinch myself alot to make sure I am not dreaming he never throws what he does for me or my kids in my face. He doesn’t count every dime I send he never questions me he trusts me to do the right thing and I do.

        He is second only to God to me. He was in a horrible 20 plus relationship before me. So bettween us 50 years of misery so we do our best to out do each other with kindness and tenderness we hug alot , tell each other we love each other several times a day.

        I don’t have the money I had with ex and I could not care less. What I have now is more to me than gold or diamonds. I finally have real true complete love. I have never felt love before I met my husband and neither had he.

        I am so blessed I only want one thing out of life to die five minutes before him. Other than that I don’t need or want a thing. But I appreciate so much your friendship. Good people are precious .

        As rotten as my ex was and evil this one is the complete opposite.

        thankful so thankful

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  2. I’ve had a recent more fun experience. I’ve been a tomboy all throughout my life but my teachers back from school wanted me to walk the ramp for the reunion. Needless to say, I was in jitters and I used to be the worst in the practice sessions. I practiced back home. But the show was an experience of its own kind. When I finally took the stage in a traditional attire , I ended up winning the show. Lack of confidence but stepping out of comfort zone wasn’t that bad.

    Glad to know about your story. By the way, I love maths. I hope venn diagrams are fun for you now! πŸ™‚

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