Unanswered Prayers

Just yesterday morning I was praying that I’d get the classes I wanted for Winter quarter. Otherwise, I’d end up with a messed up schedule. Then I started thinking…by praying for me to get a seat into those classes wasn’t I asking God to forsake another person? What if their schedule would be messed up by God favoring me? What if this is the very reason that our prayers go unanswered? The thing we desire affects someone else for the worse and God would never favor one of His children over the other because that’s just terrible parenting. Therefore, by praying for someone else’s being worse off, wasn’t I doing something wrong? I promptly revoked my prayer after that thought.

God doesn’t answer our prayers for the greater good of someone else or…ourself. I truly believe that He doesn’t always give us what we want — at least at first — because there’s something He wants us to learn. When I was bullied, I must have prayed a thousand times for God to give me a pair of wings to fly away or make the bullies disappear…anything to get me out of the situation. I’ve never told anyone this but he actually warned me about those 4 years.

On my birthday in 3rd grade, before I began getting bullied, my music teacher read out a line from her book of fortunes for birthdays. “You’re too kind,” she said. And I was. I never said a thing to the people who bullied me, harassed me, even physically harmed me. If I was way less submissive and way more concerned with being treated like the valuable human being that I am, it probably wouldn’t have happened. But I didn’t know those important facts at the time. I didn’t learn about my self-worth and the difference between friends and enemies until much later. And, sure, maybe I shouldn’t expect 7 year old me to have such a  strong sense of self but it could have been better.

Anyway, on a much brighter note, the verdict of my classes…I got the 3-D printing class I wanted (why yes my school offers a 3-D printing class as an art course and, why yes, I think that’s the most amazing thing ever) AND I GOT THE LAST SEAT IN THE FINITE MATH COURSE.

It was actually really stressful though because, as it turns out, there was a lag time between my registration appointment start time and the time that the system actually registered my start time. There I was at 6:55 PM desperately texting my Orientation Leader about this urgent matter because I had no idea what was going on and didn’t want the last seat to slip through my fingers! At 7:03 PM, I decided to try again and voila! I’ve never clicked through pages so quickly in my life before πŸ˜„ But those few minutes of high stress were worth it because I got the perfect schedule and the classes I wanted. πŸ™‚ 

All in all, God didn’t answer my prayers. But He was watching over me. He gave me the idea to try again at 7:03 and it’s all thanks to Him that I got the result that I did.

~Live boundless.

Question of the Day: Why do you lovelies think God leaves some prayers unanswered?


9 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayers

  1. I don’t know about god, but it almost broke my heart reading about your 7 year self being bullied 😦 I think the bullies target the nice soft people the most. Glad you got good news today.


  2. I always believe “NO”
    Is an answer from God…

    So I need take NO as a rejection..
    I see it as a redirection…

    I also believe that everything happens for a specific reason…

    In other words….

    Every disappointment is for a good reason…
    If only we wait long enough to figure it out…..

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  3. I had the same situation, but not exactly. I needed a class because it was prerequisite class and I needed to take it either now or spring and be behind. Part of me wished they would offer it in the winter so I could get a head start. I enrolled and everything and then I got an email saying winter payments would be due soon. So I went to go look and see which class I had signed up for a winter session, it turns out it was the class I needed. I was in a haste to register that I never looked at the time. Like I have said before, I’m not certain the God exist because I have an altruistic view of the world and I don’t disparage people’s beliefs but as most people say. God works in mysterious ways. I wasn’t praying for the class to be a winter session, I was hoping.

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