I can’t believe this,

I thought I’d never see this place again,

But I’m back here again,

Scratching at the walls,

Punching the floor,

Screaming my demon’s name.


This room has become too familiar,

I know its dark corners too well,

They’re imprinted in my head,

I know the cracks in the ceiling too well,

They’re drawn on my skin,

If the human body is a temple,

And this place looks just like me,

Does that make this place my temple?


Maybe that’s why I keep returning here,

I keep paying my respects,

With dollar bills made of my blood,

And flowers made of my tears.


Which means the exit,

Must be made of something else entirely,

In order to escape for good,

I have to find a new place of worship,

Is it yours?


~Live boundless.


21 thoughts on “Relapse

      1. I did! 🙂 And I did laugh! ^_^

        It was the strangest, cutest, funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. It brought much-needed sunshine to my overcast day. (It’s been a “Meh” kind of day: Just bidding my time before my family arrives for Thanksgiving and the fun begins. 🙂 )

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And you’re welcome. 🙂

        I was happy to comment on this post.

        It made me consider where I’m at in my life.

        I feel like I’m in a good place. But, a good place can always be better. And I’ll always have one struggle or another to overcome.

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  1. Is the character referring to a Rehabilitation Home ? That he keeps returning to everytime, like a man going to a temple.
    Is he fed up and now wanting to go to another temple, meaning rid himself of his stress?


  2. I love this poem. I can relate to it in a way that may not have the same meaning as you but it makes me remember and think of the many times I have had to stay in the psychiatric hospital due to the severity of my Bipolar Disorder symptoms. Anyway that was how I related to it. Thank you for your post….

    Liked by 1 person

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