30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 24

Day 24: Photo

I’m grateful for my high school graduation photo. Mmkay? It took the place of my middle school graduation photo and that thing was ugly as heck. My hair was covering my throat, lighting was awkward, and it wasnt too authentic to me. Wanna know how my high school one is authentic? I’m holding my diploma not upside down, not backwards, but…UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS.

Meanwhile, all the other socially acceptable and graceful students are beaming away with their 100 karat smiles and gold insignia bearing diplomas. (OK I was smiling too, but it was more of a “Shit the diploma’s backwards and upside down, maybe it won’t show up in the photo, just look good for the camera” kind of smile.) Needless to say, it did show up. Now I have professional proof of my glorious ditziness. Also, another cool thing is that photo is the last professional picture of me before my jaw surgery. So it’s a time capsule in more than one way.
~Live boundless.


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