30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 26

Day 26: Charity

I’m thankful for God’s charity. He has saved my life 9 times. I simply wouldn’t be here without Him. When I was much younger, I was playing on the swings at the park near my house and I accidentally let go. There I was, soaring through the air, not even completely aware of what was happening. By the time I realized, I landed on the tanbark sitting down. Instead of face-first on the the concrete sidewalk a couple feet away. My mum rushed towards as soon as she saw me; we both knew it was His work. The trajectory I would have flown at wouldn’t have been that forgiving.

That’s only one example but there are many more. Bottom line is: God has my back and I’m grateful for that. I love my life. Every morning, I wake up feeling thrilled that I get one more day in this creation. I’m content with what I have and I’m not afraid to change the bad. I don’t think about it much but I almost didn’t make it here. As you lovelies know, I hit rock bottom as a high school sophomore. There were a couple evenings that I contemplated suicide. Thank God I didn’t write a note and I was too afraid to actually carry it out. I’m not sure that, left to my own devices, I would have stopped myself. Now I hope to be that voice of reason for someone else — even if it’s just one person. Because killing yourself just isn’t worth it. Ever.

On a brighter note, I’d also like to thank God for listening to my prayers under the right circumstances. I remember when my family and I visited India, we thought our taxi driver ditched us. We just got back from visiting a gurudwara and his car was nowhere to be found. We called his phone…no answer. Did I mention that he had all of our luggage? (Excluding the passports, luckily. My mum had those.) Still, without our driver, we were essentially stranded in a city we’d never been to with no way home. (Our relatives’ village was a couple hundred miles out of walking distance.) It felt like an eternity until the driver finally picked up. He had car trouble and took it to a mechanic to get it fixed. He didn’t want to worry us, so he didn’t tell us, and he figured he’d be back before us. If he was anybody else, he could have taken his car to the mechanic and taken off. We wouldn’t have been able to do a thing. God willing, my mum’s relative found us a taxi driver with morales.

I don’t know where I’d be, physically or mentally, without God. He’s been there since Day One helping things fall into place when I was too weak and nobody else was around to help. That’s why I know I’m not naive when I believe that people are generally good (why, yes, I’m a John Locke fangirl) or that miracles can happen. God’s work is truly the best work and, getting a little teary-eyed here, I can’t thank him enough. No matter how much I pray to him everyday or try to channel His love, it isn’t enough. Statistically, it just isn’t an equal reciprocation. But it’s good enough for Him. Anyway, I don’t really know where I’m going with this anymore, I love God and I can’t be more grateful for all He has done for me.

~Live boundless.


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