30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 28


Day 28: Gift


Life is a gift,

The best gift I could receive,

It gives me the opportunity to reach my dreams,

Every single morning I wake up,

And every single night I stay up.


Sure I’ve hit a few roadblocks,

And toppled off a couple of hilltops,

But there’s always tomorrow to pick up all the pieces,

And start again,

Life is forgiving,

It always gives second chances,

To pull myself from the mud,

And bloom like a lotus.


Life is the greatest joy I can experience,

It’s the beauty of a thousand sunsets,

And the solace of the lone moon,

It’s learning how to love again,

It’s the hope of getting to use that knowledge one day,

It’s falling asleep to the sound of my favorite artists’ voices,

It’s finding peace in the silence of the moment,

It’s tasting the sweetness of success,

And learning to treasure what I have.


Life is sadness also,

It’s the sorrow of failed dreams,

The pain of loss,

And theΒ woe of my mistakes,

But no sadness lasts forever,

So if you’re still feeling sad,

Then it isn’t the end.


Life is completely mine,

It molds to fit me,

And it’s perfectly okay,

That my version of life,

Isn’t like everyone else’s.


So when you open your presents this year,

Don’t forget,

The greatest gift of all,

Lies in your heartbeat.

~Live boundless.


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