Human Kindness

**NOT to be confused with Dignity Health**

In the wake of recent events in my life, I decided to make a mini compilation of experiences I’ve had with human kindness. Because as jaded as I am, I still believe in everyone.

1. Corporations are people too

I don’t mean this in the financial sense; I mean it in the moral standpoint.

Recently, I bought a MUNIO self-defense keychain off of Amazon because my brother watched a urmaker video and I was impressed by how much damage he inflicted on a watermelon just by going ham with said keychain. Yeah, I changed my mind pretty quickly after buying it (I can’t believe I was so impulsive!)

I e-mailed MUNIO and, a day later, the package shipped. Meaning no order cancellation for me. Then, two days later MUNIO replied back saying they’d refunded me anyway and the keychain was on them since it shipped before I got my refund. I just about wanted to cry while reading their message (and I almost did. In the middle of my psychology class.)

Corporations are human beings too. They’re not all these disassociated companies out for your wallet. Most of them are, but not all.

As some of you lovelies may know, my dad had an almost job opportunity at another tech company, but the recruiter thought my dad was overqualified. “I only need someone to do two or three things, you’d get bored,” he told my dad. This recruiter who just barely met my dad for ten minutes…and he was already concerned about my dad enjoying his job.

To add on to what I said before, corporations really do care. And not just about their customers. The best of them give a fig about their employees’ happiness too.

2. Stranger or friend?

Yesterday, a girl held open the door for me. And not just because she happened to be at the door and I was directly behind her. I hadn’t even ascended the staircase to the door yet, but she stood there waiting for me just to get the door for me. She’s one of my classmates in my Psychology class, but I’ve never sat next to her, and have spoken to her once for about ten seconds.

This is why I don’t cut people off on the road if I can avoid it, hold doors open whenever I can, smile at others even if they didn’t smile first, and just basically do whatever I can to be a kind human being.

It’s an alternative kind of friendship; fleeting and simple, but absolutely impactful. And it requires very little effort on your part! I believe that if you spread around your seeds of kindness, others will pick up on that and sow them as well. Then everyone’s a little happier and cooperative.

3. Letting them down easy 

There’s a student in my Philosophy class, who incidentally happens to be a freshman like me, who tends to struggle a bit more with the written assignments. Maybe it’s not just her forte, I’m not quite sure. The day before yesterday, our profesor handed back our graded essays. I expect that her grade was not glowing, but I’m not complete sure because I didn’t ask as that’s none of my business, and I overheard the professor urge her to come to his office to speak with her. There was no disappointment or cruelty in his voice; all I heard was a genuinely concerned teacher looking out for his pupil.

4. Forgiveness

So as you lovelies know I bought that rope handle designed specifically for wide mouth mason jars and…it didn’t fit. The wire form was too narrow. Immediately, I tried to replicate the wire form with elastic, and even yarn, but it was to no avail. I had failed. Again.

This time was different though. When I started out, I told myself that, if I failed, I wouldn’t just keep desperately trying to make things work. I’d quit. And I’d forgive myself.

Actually doing this wasn’t as hard as I thought. I slid off my bed, which was covered with various tools and threads at that point, and cleared my mind. Meditation time. “I failed again. Wasted money again. Wasted time again….Do you forgive me?” I asked myself. “Are you okay with just having a terrarium instead?” “Is that good enough for you?” My amswer was, Yes without a doubt.

And that was final. I re-decorated the hook on my ceiling I’d planned to hang the aerium on to make it look more exciting. Then, I found the perfect space on one of the hanging shelves on my wall for the terrarium. Now it rests in the corner…forever to serve as a symbol of my forgiveness.

~Live boundless.

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P.S. What encounters of human kindness have you lovelies has recently? Let me know in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Human Kindness

  1. Ah this made me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂 Apart from the bit about your dad – it’s discrimination in a way. They may think he’ll jump ship when the job market improves because he’s so experienced 😦 There are times rotten things happen and then wonderful people do nice things and it restores your faith human nature. I have lots of examples of kindness, one I felt particularly warm about was when we got the Megabus from Toronto to Niagara Falls. This was 5 min drive away from our hotel (Hilton). My son was in a wheelchair at the time (foot injury). Do you know what the driver did? He told us to stay on the bus and he drove us the extra 5 minutes right to the door of the Hilton! We never asked him or anything. We wrote a nice email to Megabus and just said he was wonderful and “went above and beyond.”

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    1. Oh my gosh what a wonderful bus driver! I don’t think the recruiter intended to discriminate against my dad but who knows? I just hope he can get a job soon otherwise, come December, people start going on vacation and he probably won’t find anything.

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  2. A wonderful post. Glad I stopped by to read it. 🙂
    This is a real story a woman told me. She went to this social gathering where they were having a raffle and the man sitting next to her said, “If I get first place and you get second, will you trade with me?” When asked why, he said, “Because God is always first to me.” And in the end, he won second place.
    This isn’t really an act of kindness, but I thought it was pretty heartwarming. ❤

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