The Secret To Why You Will Never Be Happy

Everyone needs to read this because this post is so true and important with respect to attaining genuine happiness.

Happiness is never the byproduct. – Oaktown Vibes

Have you ever noticed that people have made happiness something that is contingent upon something else? Most people will not be happy unless they re…

Source: The Secret To Why You Will Never Be Happy


13 thoughts on “The Secret To Why You Will Never Be Happy

      1. I think there’s more to it. For ME, happiness only STARTS as a choice. If I’m in a bad situation, I can choose to be happy, to look for the silver lining but ultimately no amount of simple choice will make me happy, I must DO something about my position. Sometimes all that needs to be done is mental, sometimes it takes interacting with the physical world.

        The way I’ve come to find happiness was not by choosing to be happy, but by choosing to never remain still and stagnant and to accept that sometimes happiness just isn’t going to be there. The balance of good and bad, happiness and sadness is a necessity in life, too much of either and we begin to lose sight of it. Knowing my choice to never remain stagnant I am able to do things that I love and do things that I hate, accepting things for what they are and feeling the flow of energy. πŸ™‚ That probably just made it more confusing…

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      2. No worries, I completely understand your point of view and I agree with it! Sometimes choosing to be happy involves taking action and changing something you don’t like; something that frustrates you. That’s an equally important responsibility!

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    1. Thank you so much! This isn’t actually a post I wrote, I re-blogged it from Oaktown Vibes. I already checked out your blog and I’m liking what I’m seeing. Looking forward to seeing what else you put out!


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