Guest Post: Featuring @Namitha

Hello, lovelies, today I’m hosting my very own guest post with the lovely Namitha. Like me, she adores psychology — especially as it relates to positivity and human potential. Using our combined writing prowesses, we wrote two poems about psychology. The first one is hers, the second one is mine, and they revolve around depression and locus of control respectively. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to check out Namitha’s blog, mmkay? It’s totally sweet.)

Every last hope that breathed behind

The ancient amber leaves, gloomily withered

Loathsome, revolting, descended to the ground

Once glistening green, now somber brown


Now, there stood a leaf-less tree,

Alone, in the icy, blizzard night

Tyrannous thunder; savage storm; growling, howling

Caused its roots to go limp


Days flew by, nights grew long

Winter cascaded into an eternal darkness

Depressed the tree, now a skeleton

Plunged into gloom, that was direful


Not one trace of faint light

Not one trace of soft sound

Seemed to break the vicious void

That gripped the warmth of sunshine


Standing, alone, there was no end

No end to this mourning misery

No end to this inanimate existence

Only an end, that ended life


After what felt like a forever

Sunlight filtered through the pale sky

Crickets chirped, daisies danced, solace sang

The dead tree found its spring

– Namitha

Rain came pouring down

Upon my window to life

Then the wind blew through

And chilled me to the bone

So I crawled into bed

And pulled the covers up to my head.


The universe knocked at my door

I told it I no longer wanted any part

In its twisted play.


All at once

My bedroom became awash with light

I was outside myself

There lay my body enswathed

In tethers and strings


“Who put those there?”

The universe asked.

“You did.”

It shook its celestial head.


“Look closer,” it said smirking.

I moved towards the strings

They were knotted with my signature loop

And between the jute fibers

I could just make out grimy fingerprints

My fingerprints.


“What have you done to me?”

“I can’t do anything to you,”

The universe answered.

“Only you can kill yourself while you live.”


All at once

I was back in bed

With thoughts racing through my head

I was dead

Even though I walked on two feet

I was shackled

Even though I wasn’t in prison.


I was my end

But I am also my beginning

I was my jailer

But I am also my liberator

– Me


~Live boundless.

P.S. What did you lovelies think of the poems? Did you like them? Can you relate? I’m planning on doing another guest post soon with Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table, so you can look forward to that. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Guest Post: Featuring @Namitha

  1. Reblogged this on TeenMemoir… and commented:
    Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy my first guest post with the amazing Jasmine! She was such an awesome person to work with and a beautiful writer! Again, thank you so so much Jasmine! I had the best time…. 😊

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  2. This was more of a collab than a guest post but I adored your poem & Namitha’s. I loved how in your poem, you realise it’s you who is dead and how the universe speaks to you. I loved the mini rhymes and well thought it out it seemed. The pace of the poem was just perfect and I really enjoyed the poem, you’re a talented writer!


  3. This was really powerful. You both are such amazing writers. The line that struck me the most was “Only you can kill yourself while you live.” It’s one sentence, but makes so much sense.

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