There’s No Santa Claus

There’s no jolly old man commandeering a sled of reindeers around the world with a penchant for cookies and an elven workforce large enough to take down Rome if they created weapons instead of toys.

But I know someone better.

I know of millions of parents who buy their kids presents at the end of each year to make them smile. I know of thousands of people who donate time and money to help out the families who can’t afford to do so.

I know of people in faraway places who create the world’s goods without any expectation of a thank you.

I know of people who live is to take strangers across the globe day in and day out. I know of people who live to keep their countries safe and free. I know of people who live to heal and protect their countries.

I know of people who spread the Christmas spirit every day of the year because they believe generosity and positivity are things to live for. I know of people don’t even celebrate Christmas but still believe in giving whatever they can to others even when they have so little themselves.

I know of an everyday Santa Claus who lives in all the parents, humanitarians, manufacturing workers, airplane pilots, veterans, medical professionals, firemen and women, policemen and women, positive people, and volunteers.

~Live boundless.

What everyday Santa Clauses do you know of?

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12 thoughts on “There’s No Santa Claus

  1. This post got me in the Christmas spirit. It made me realize that, this December, I’ve been negative when I should’ve been positive — stressing over things I can’t change when I should’ve been joyful.

    Thank you.

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