Thoughts That Keep Me Awake at Night

Part of the reason I don’t like lying awake at night is, no matter how much I think of, I can’t do anything. I’m deadbeat, usually a bit hungry, and I just want to sleep. Yet, my brain seems to get the idea that it’s time to be productive again because I tend to wind down before bedtime. Just for fun, I rounded up the thoughts I’ve heard on various nights…

  • You didn’t put these tags in your post. Maybe you should turn your phone back on and do it. NO. I refuse to subject myself to blue light and ruin my entire night’s sleep.
  • Maybe your latest life change wasn’t so great. Let’s analyze the costs and benefits.” Did I ask for you to do this? NO.
  • Hey do you remember that really embarrassing time when…?” YES. How could I ever forget with you reminding me whenever you get the chance?
  • “You know you’ve been feeling pretty dizzy today. And your heartbeat WAS a little funky once or twice. Are you sure you’re just having innocent heart palpitations?” We’ve been over this so. Many. Times. I’m too young to be having any form of heart problems and it’s not happening frequent enough for me to worry! Once I think it’s getting to be a regular occurrence, you’ll be the first one to know.
  • “Hey, don’t you think it’s weird that you talk to me as if I’m another person? I mean how is this any different from talking to yourself?” I’m an INFJ. We have internal dialogues. Go check your long term memory storage, we’ve looked it up on Google before.
  • “What if this is all really fake? What if the Matrix is real? What if the reason we have discrimination and wars and other problems is because nobody would believe in a perfect world?” Where was all this philosophizing potential when I was trying to write my book this morning?!?
  • “You know you could have studied more Finite Math or finished that library book or started writing YOUR book instead of relaxing and talking to your dad.” IT’S MY LIFE AND MY CHOICES. I’m on Winter break and I’m trying to come back into Winter quarter well-rested and refreshed. I’m NOT going to overload myself because you can’t deal with calm and quiet.
  • “What day is it? Oh my God, WHAT DAY IS IT?” ……..I think it’s Tuesday today. Meaning tomorrow is Wednesday……..I think.
  • “What else could we craft? Maybe you should check Pinterest for inspiration.” Maybe you should look to silent movies for inspiration.
  • “I’m hungry. You sure you don’t want to go upstairs and eat something?” YES. I’M. SURE.
  • “Well then next time you cook fettucine, you should probably use nutmeg.” I made a to-do on my iPhone, Captain-of-No-New-Information.
  •  “Oh my God. It’s 10:20. We’ve been lying here for half an hour. We’ll never fall asleep.” Well, yeah, if you don’t shut up.
  • “Just one last thing…” Listening against my will. “You’ll be there when I do this tomorrow right?” Where else could I possibly be?

I don’t know, lovelies, maybe I need to start burning the midnight oil like all the other artists out there since inspiration and thought processes seem to always strike at night. Maybe that’s a sign that the human race was actually nocturnal at one point, but we lied about our ancestors and said everyone was diurnal, so we could use the night as an excuse to blame rape victims. Yeah my brain isn’t done philosophizing…

~Live boundless.

I apologize to anyone I may have offended with the last comment. As you can see, I’m a little high-strung today. 

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22 thoughts on “Thoughts That Keep Me Awake at Night

  1. YESS! I can totally relate esp with.
    ““What if this is all really fake? What if the Matrix is real? What if the reason we have discrimination and wars and other problems is because nobody would believe in a perfect world?” Where was all this philosophizing potential when I was trying to write my book this morning?!?”

    My brain just decided that it wants to think away even though my eyes are drooping!


      1. Yes! And what if we are babies right now, just dreaming & when we wake up we won’t remember because 1. we normally don’t remember dreams or 2. we are babies so we can’t remember anyways. Also, some say that we could just be in a simulation/game. It’s possible, because look at VR, maybe we are just figments of our imagination or not even real just part of an online game? OR, some say that when we die, there are 7 seconds or minutes where we re-live our whole life. Imagine if this life, is that re-living (would explain de-ja-vus, don’t how to spell that!) I have so many theories, you really shouldn’t have got me started!


      1. I know 🙂 🙂 It can be annoying getting a good idea at night, then I get excited about the idea, and want to work on it. Then cannot sleep for ages. It’s ok though because I’ll usually dream about the idea as well, so it develops further lol x x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I was laughing all throughout! Hha. I rarely sleep, see. Okay, well, that is wrong. I rarely sleep at night. Haha. I do get your dilemma. Burning the midnight oil can be great for artists, but burning it daily is … another matter. Cheerios to you and your night life. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am quite the opposite. Once I hit the bed , I’m usually very tired and it takes approximately 5 minutes to sleep. The only thing that doesn’t let me sleep sometimes is the – “I must have ice cream” mood.
    But once upon a time, I could relate to all of it. A very well written post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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