Daruma Doll: A New Kind of Inspiration

My penchant for all things Japanese thickens!

As you lovelies can see, I recently purchased a daruma doll that will now be my study buddy for the next 4 years. Basically, it’s a wishing doll: you color in the left eye, while thinking of your wish, and then you make it happen. Once your dream becomes reality, you color in the right eye to signify your accomplishment.

Now, I know, based on that meager description, it doesn’t sound like much, but there’s more.

  • Assuming you keep the doll in sight, you literally can’t forget about your wish. The single pupil will remind you that you have a goal to achieve and it isn’t going to achieve itself. Stop goofing off and start working. Make your dreams come true. Just do it. (Why, yes, I just quoted Shia LaBeouf. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this video. Just do it.)
  • This doll literally cannot lie down. (I tested it. It’s legit.) It’s weighed at the bottom so that no matter how hard you pummel it, it won’t fall. Daruma dolls are known to represent perseverance and this is a big reason why. They show you how to rise up after your missteps and failures, however, they can’t lift your legs for you. Only you can do that. And there’s no reason to be ashamed of tripping up or falling face first into the dirt. Lotuses come from the ground and they’re fabulous.
  • Did I mention that this doll is also based on a real live 5th century Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma? Buddhism is founded on being at peace with the imperfections of human existence. Chasing your dreams isn’t easy. Life happens, things get complicated, and stuff just doesn’t go the way it should. You cannot let that get to you. Isolate the event from your reaction, the process from your motivation, and make your dreams come true.

All in all, I think this doll will be a big part of my college experience. It’ll be by my side 7 days of the week, silently encouraging me, along with God of course. By the way, the one I got was only $10. I highly recommend it to Buddhists or just plain old fans of Buddhism (like me) and/or seekers of inspiration.

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~Live boundless.

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P.S. Do any of you lovelies see yourselves getting a daruma doll?

P.P.S. Bodhidharma is also the guy who introduced green tea to China. I cannot even describe the audacity of the fangirl attack I had when I realized that the idol of the creator of my FAVORITE DRINK is sitting on my desk. If you haven’t experienced green tea yet, you haven’t lived inside yourself….so you can buy some here and add a tablespoon of honey, mmkay?

P.P.P.S. What do you lovelies think of my blog’s new layout? 😀


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