Be Who You Are. Be Your Normal.

Normal. An otherwise mundane word were it not for the fact that everybody defines it differently. What is “normal” really? 

A movie star’s normal would consist of endless movie promotions, trips to studios, memorizing lines, flights across the world, and so on.

A nurse’s normal would look like getting ready for work each morning to heal human lives then coming back home after a long day.

My normal looks like blogging, playing video games, studying for Finite Math, cooking, and dancing when nobody’s around.

Therefore, normal must rely on the person. My normal is different from your normal which is different from your friend’s normal which is different from everyone’s normal.

All that being said…embrace your normal! If your normal looks different than those around you, you’re doing something right. You’re being true to yourself. Never ever feel ashamed or reluctant or otherwise negatively about your normal. I’ve tried copying other people’s normal, lovelies, I really did put in an honest effort.

When I was younger, I’d do anything to “fit in.” I’d talk the way my peers did and pretend to like the same things as them to uphold their normal. I don’t know if it’s just because they were kids and could see through my act, but I got bullied regardless of my efforts. I figured if I’m going to be ridiculed for who I am anyway, I might as well be myself. 

The same thing applies to me even now. If I’m going to be judged, misunderstood, and disliked; I may as well do these things while embracing my normal. That way I don’t feel like I’m going against my inner voice and purpose in life, and it’s truly worth it. Everyone’s thoughts and perceptions just fall away once you start listening to your own. There simply isn’t room for them all.

This is why I beseech you all to be normal. Your normal. Life is too short to be spent in constant turmoil. Love the things and people that speak to your soul and don’t let anyone else tell you that they’re wrong. If they’re your right, that’s all that matters.

Metaphysics proves that our perception of reality is distorted and limited. Think of the traditional lover’s saying “You’re my world.” Does this statement hold true for everyone? No. However, it does hold true for some and, even between the people it does apply to, the “world” looks different because they’re all in love with different people! Ideally.

Therefore, of course no two realities look the same. They’re based entirely on the individual’s perception of what’s important, meaningful, and real in life. Live for your reality and you will find that things have a way of falling into place.

One path leads to another, haters begin to sound like mice compared to the roar of your heart, and your reality finally becomes better than your dreams like Dr. Suess said.

Why would you want to be anything other than normal? We’ve all seen what happens to people who leave their dreams behind or try to be someone they’re not. It just isn’t fulfilling and it’s no way to live.

I’ve always known I love writing, but I didn’t really embrace it until I got into high school. That was when I started writing poems everyday and took a Journalism class then I started this blog.

I have never felt more alive in my life. I’m not just a dreamer now, I’m a dream-chaser.

I’m so excited to see where my passion for writing (and mental health) takes me. I don’t want to do just one thing my whole life; I want to venture into different fields and use my prowess in unique ways. It’s all because I’m in love with my normal. I hope you lovelies can someday, if you haven’t already, love yours too. And I hope this post brings you one step closer to that.

~Live boundless.

P.S. What is your normal?

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32 thoughts on “Be Who You Are. Be Your Normal.

  1. I loved this post! It was so awesome, honest and wonderful for the end of the year. 2017 is really going to be my year to let my normal personality shine through and for me to believe in myself. 2016 was a little bit of me trying to be like others and well, i want 2017 to be a year where I don’t care if others’ think I’m crazy, even though I kinda am. Thanks so much for sharing this, it was a lovely reminder.

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  2. Beautiful thought. And you are absolutely on point about embracing our own self, our own normal.

    My normal is not normal at all. It is something of grave concern, which many a people have advised me to break out of. Hopefully one day, I just might. 🙂


  3. What beautiful, heartfelt words I remember in primary I would play games to fit in, and become the puppet of a few bossy people, I may have been crazy young but I was miserable. When I began to venture out, life became all the more exciting, I learnt to not be afraid to be alone and through self-help I found friends I can have fun with and I love. I’m so glad someone can sympathise on that point, I’m so glad you found your normal or I would never have encountered such a mesmerizingly wonderful blog 🙂

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    • Oh my gosh I never looked at finding my normal that way. You know I tried to play games with the other kids, but I’d never heard of them and they didn’t believe me. They thought I was pretending not to know to get attention. 😂 So I just stood on the sidelines and faked it. But why put in so much effort to fake something? We should put in effort to be true to something.

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  4. A great post! I asked my mum and dad what “normal” was when I was ten. They said it was being the same as everything or everyone else. I told them I never ever wanted to be normal. They still tell this story to this day and conclude by saying that they knew then that I would always be abnormal haha. I don’t think the word normal should even exist.

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