Meditation Journal Entry #8: Slowing Down

The Featured Image is inspired by an actual sign I saw one someone’s house during my trip to Hawaii last summer. It really got me thinking about how life is so fast-paced today and pop culture plays that up. It isn’t glamorous at all to take afternoon naps or just sit and be alone with one’s feelings. We always have to be on the move trying out the newest things, going to parties, posting about it on social media, and so on. Well, I don’t buy that. I’d much rather slow down and hear my thoughts out.


The truth is: I don’t have all the answers yet. I’m not even sure what questions to ask. All I really understand is the magnitude of my misjudgment.

The truth is: I was wrong. I told you lovelies that I believe in love again and my stress nightmares came back that night. (Side note: I don’t believe in dream analysis, but I do know that dreams are your brain’s way of processing the day before. Including the emotions. Needless to say, I get stress more nightmares when I’m…under stress.)

Bottom line: I’m not where I thought I was, but I’m not where I was either. I’m better than I’ve ever been; just not completely okay. And that’s perfectly alright with me. 

I think anyone would be hard-pressed to be 100% okay. We all carry troubles and pain within us; it’s the reality of living an imperfect existence. Does that all mean hope is lost? Hell. No. Overtime, we become stronger so that we may lift our once-crushing burdens with ease. At least that’s the goal.

Sometimes in the gym of life, we have off-days and the weight crushes us anyway. That’s me right now. Does that mean I’m going to stay on the cold floor? Nope. I’ll shake the weight straight off like Taylor Swift. Minus the twerking. I can’t actually do that. 

Jokes aside, though, I will rise again. (Not to be confused with Katy Perry because I don’t like that song.) I’ll lift myself out of this hole in a snap, no Escape Ropes necessary if you know what I’m saying, and work through this conflict just like I always have.

~Live boundless.

P.S. I recently stumbled across this article of 31 honest answers to ‘how are you’ recently and I thought it was really touching. You should all check it out. And if you think it’s cool too, you should follow me on Pinterest for more stuff like it!


20 thoughts on “Meditation Journal Entry #8: Slowing Down

  1. I understood the Escape Rope reference. 🙂 I’m glad to know you’re a fan of Pokemon.

    Thank you for sharing your struggle.

    When I get knocked down, I have an unfortunate tendency to stay down. So it’s good for me to see examples — like yours — of people not letting negative circumstances be the end of them.

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