Boundless Challenge #3

I’m barreling down my path and I can’t stop. This week, I was in for a big shock when I started my Finite Math homework. (Remember how I dropped that class last quarter because it was too difficult?) See, my teacher told me during office hours that there would be some particularly difficult problems that night and not to freak out.

When I sat down at my desk, I couldn’t do anything but freak out. And then I stopped and thought for a moment. Would panicking really help me at all? No. Actually it’d do the opposite. Some people thrive under stress and pressure. I’m not of one of them. I do incredibly stupid things like not seeing a car and almost getting into an accident. Or I end up feeling numb for days because all of my faculties shut down. Bottom line: I can’t think under pressure. So how could I expect myself to solve something as complicated as college-level math….under pressure?!

I cleared my mind and approached the homework as calmly as I could. I went through each problem and…I’m not sure if I missed the difficult part or not, but it wasn’t that hard at all. Some problems took longer to figure out than others but nothing was out of my capabilities. And that’s just it.  

We can scare ourselves into not doing something just as much as we can psyche ourselves into doing it. I think you know which one I did. #boundlessmoment!

If you lovelies are interested in sharing your own #boundlessmoments, the rules are simple!

  • Share a #boundlessmoment from the past week. In other words, a time when you surpassed your expectations. 
    • Do title your post with the words Boundless Challenge somewhere so I can find it easily and don’t forget to use the badge!
  • Feel free to put the link for your post in the comments below as well.
  • Pingbacks aren’t required, but they would make your post a lot easier to find!

I’ll share my favorite entries in next week’s post!


If you’re looking for ideas, here are some awesome posts from last week:

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~Live boundless.


9 thoughts on “Boundless Challenge #3

  1. I’m glad you were able to conquer your math homework. Thank you for sharing this experience. 🙂

    You’re right: We can psyche ourselves into not doing something, and psyche ourselves into doing something.

    This post made me realize that I’ve been doing a lot of psyching out. 😦 But! That will change. I’m going to do what I can to not let my fears dominate my life.

    And thank you for the shout-out.


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