Miracles and Wishes

I’m playing around with visuals a little bit (drew inspiration from BeautyBeyondBones) so let me know what you think of the Featured Image!

I’m sure it’s not news to you lovelies when I say that life is full of ups and downs. Earlier this week, I was stressed out, upset, and basically a walking “Scream.” In the meantime, God has been sending me all kinds of love and support that I thought was way too important to not recognize.

I’m at 547 at this point.

I’m halfway to my goal of reaching 1,000 followers by my blogiversary already?! Not to mention, I’ve also met some wonderful bloggers who I definitely see myself forming strong friendships with. (I’m talking about you athousandbitsofpaperbeinglydia, and asimpledoseofreality!) Also, my blogger BFF Okoto Enigma got so inspired by me that she wants to feature my blog posts on a regular basis. I can’t even describe how honored and touched I am that she’s going out of her way to do this simply because I inspire her. If you ask me, the community is by far the best part of blogging on WordPress.

FullSizeRender (4)

Now, some of you lovelies may recall how my dad recently interviewed for a job. He’s the strongest candidate so far, but they’re on a backlog what with Lunar New Year at all. Please continue to pray with me lovelies. God willing, this little zen garden I made him will be sitting on his desk by next week or so.


I studied the entire week for my Finite Math test, gave it my all, and got a B-! Bottom line: I have room for improvement. Of course. My studying could use some refinement and I made two silly mistakes on the test. Nothing that can’t be fixed of course! I still have the other 80% of my grade to redeem myself. 🙂


I’m happy to say that I’m making substantial progress on my New Year’s Resolution of fixing my relationship with my brother. He mentioned to me that he doesn’t feel like I really listen to him when he talks and part of it’s my fault, but it’s also that he has terrible timing. He always manages to strike up conversation when I’m in the middle of homework or starting a blog post or finishing my food. But…we’re meant to make time for the things we love right? That’s why I started making a habit of taking out my earphones whenever he walks up to me and paying at least a little bit of attention to what he says. It’s worked really well!

If you’re wondering about the little doodle up top, he actually drew that in iMessage for me. I started tearing up when I saw it and immediately saved it to my phone. It’s going to stay in my Camera Roll forever. (If you’re wondering why I’m so small, it’s because he drew his head too big and almost ran out of room by the time he got to me.)

Lastly, my dad rescued my fallen earring from the bathroom sink. And taught me a little bit about plumbing in the process! See, as long as you don’t run the water after dropping something in the sink, you can recover it. The black pipe pictured above is called a “J pipe” and this is where your little object will be sitting because it has a water barrier on both sides. (It keeps sewage from getting into your sink from the other end.)

You can unscrew the J pipe by hand and it’ll spew out whatever contents it’s holding at the time. There’ll be water, obviously, so you’ll want to have a pan or something similar handy to catch it. As long as you didn’t turn the water on, BAM! Your fallen object will pop out like a piece of candy from a vending machine.

When you put the J pipe again, you want to tighten by hand again, and wrap it up with plumber’s tape to give it a nice grip. 3 rounds should do it.

Of course, you can avoid dropping anything in the sink by pushing the stopper down all the way. (And the little lever on top of the faucet lets you open it again.) But not all of us know about that feature…Or was that just news to me?

Moral of the story: 

  • Not all miracles come with ringing bells, confetti, and cheering crowds. Some miracles take place everyday, true to their name, in their own little way.
  • You can make your wishes come true if you work at them. Commit to them daily, take baby steps if you must, but don’t ever give up on them because that’s a guarantee of failure.
  • Now that you understand basic plumbing, you can take over the world.

Tell you something good? I just did!

~Live boundless.

P.S. Sorry this post came so late! I was super swamped today/having Internet difficulties and didn’t get the chance to finish this post!


53 thoughts on “Miracles and Wishes

  1. Congratulations on passing the test – you’ll be glad that’s out of the way. Wtg on the followers too! Oh, I know about that plumbing bend. I accidentally dropped my favourite fish down the sink when cleaning tank, but sadly learned about the bend trick after is run the water. Still feel awful 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was awful! I empied 2/3 of the tanks water via a jug to a basin, then took that to the kitchen to empty. This avoided silly mishaps. My favourite little fish had snuck in there unnoticed. I had cleaned tank every week for a year and this was my first (and only) casualty. RIP Zoom.


  2. Congratulations!!!😊 your brothers head is big😂😂 and maybe you can be a plumber 😂 also. Congratulations on your result, and we’ll definitely pray for your dad to get the job. But that picture though, is he pulling you?😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reading what you write is always pleasant because your writing is gripping; we want to know what happens next!

    It was delightful knowing that you’re making progress in mending/progressing your relationship with your brother. Also, your plumbing adventure to retrieve your earring was fun 😀

    Keep posting!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Aww, congratulations on your followers and I really hope your dad gets the job.. I’m so happy that everything is working out with your brother, because family is everything and we should not take them for granted!! xxx


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