Valentine’s Day

Lock the door tight,

Bolt the window shut,

Check in the closet,

And hide under the bed,

But it still isn’t enough.


The ghost of you creeps in,

Underneath the dark cover of the night,

Trapping me in a prison of my own making.


I can hear your voice in my sleep,

I can see your face when I’m all alone,

Yet still so many questions unanswered,

Do you still have the necklace I bought you?

Did you read the letter written from my bleeding heart?

I wish this holiday didn’t exist.


Our friendship was the best kind,

Two people leaning on each other,

When they couldn’t stand on their own,

I thought we were meant for life,

But we barely made it past a year,

Now all I have is this wretched reminder,

Poisoning the air everywhere.


I hope you’re all happy now,

With your plastic flowers,

With your castles built on pillars of chocolate,

And perfume-laden letters of lies.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

I hate to be a downer, but I hate to suppress my emotions even more. The truth is, there’s no running or hiding from triggers when they’re backed up by capitalism, and that’s just it. Why fight it when I can roll with it instead? 

Sure, my soul sister’s gone. Sure, the Valentine’s Day commercials make me want to puke. (Shout out to my fellow aces, let me know if you feel the same or not in the comments below!) Sure, I haven’t received or sent a valentine in over 10 years.

I’ll make Valentine’s cards for my family and character friend anyway. I’m all about atoning for sins and this season smells like the perfect opportunity to let go of my mistakes.

~Live boundless.


28 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Whenever you are feeling low by missing companionship just know that you’re strong independent of today who can make it on her OWN. Valentine’s day is so commercialised like everything. Nobody can put a price on love!

    But I definitely like the poem. Sometimes no matter how strong we become a sad vulnerability creeps in due to bitter experiences. It’s fine, you’re amazing. Sky is the limit! Xoxo

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      • Yes definitely girl. Strong independent woman are making hostory worldwide!

        “Don’t concentrate on living a great love story. Just try to live a GREAT STORY” Just made that made up xx

        You’ll blaze through. I get that vibe😊😊

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      • I know sometimes it is so awkward looking at all the couples around and thinking “what the heck is wrong with me?”
        You want to know what’s “wrong” with us?
        We Don’t take We don’t compromise a certain standards just to have a tag of being in relationship
        We got our own back and can fend ourselves emotionally.
        Its burdensome to be responsible to others mood because in relationship partners are affected by each others moods ( alot – to a point of exhaustion)
        We Infjs care too deeply to hurt anyone by just having a fling!

        That’s what is wrong with us ✌✌

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      • Part of the reason that I don’t care for relationships is that I’m ace and aro. The larger reason, however, is that I feel like I don’t need a partner because I can take care of myself physically and mentally like you pointed out. I feel like couples are more dependent on each other and I just can’t wait to be completely independent one day! πŸ˜„
        At the same time, though, it makes me feel awkward because not a lot of people are like me. I’m glad I found someone who understands. πŸ™‚

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      • You’re definitely in the right direction if you’ve got a thinking of this standard. I’m glad I know you too.

        Some women don’t date, they only intimidate ✌

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      • I think it’s great that you’re looking forward to being completely independent. There are so many that settle down in a couple without ever knowing what they are like alone. Many live to regret it, perhaps splitting up but never getting to be on their own because of children or dependents later in life. Strong independent women are way underrated!

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  2. I never gave much thought to Valentine’s Day.

    I’ve never had a girlfriend, but when I do, I don’t need one day to show her how much I love her — I want to show her how much I love her every day.

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  3. Valentines Day is a scar on my soul. My daughter-in-law died on that day. She was 48. This Valentines Day is the first anniversary, sad on a day of love. But we remember her spirit fondly. She leaves behind, my son and my Grandson. She died of cancer which took two years to take her. She knew she was dying and told them to remember her but move on. Valentines day is a heart and she had a heart of gold.


  4. What a totally different way to look at the holiday…
    Whatever u might be feeling…u r very strong and I know that nothing is going to bring u down…u r ur own inspiration…😊

    Also there’s a small error in the second para….aces instead of exes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  5. ummm…………the way it is xpressed is sooo damn gud πŸ™‚
    and one thing…….girls are powerful and independent we can and we don’t want any guy to just be dependent on…we are cool on our own!!! nice post πŸ™‚

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  6. E says:

    I enjoyed reading this post!!
    Although I’m fine on my own this day still makes me feel lonely! I dislike it very much!
    I am strong and will not let a day bring me down!

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