10 Days of Guest Posts: Day 2

Today we have an angsty love poem from The Closet Atheist. It focuses on a person with a secret that they haven’t told anyone, but now they’re in a relationship so strong that they and their partner can communicate without her words.

Once you read the poem, do check out her blog and show some support! She writes uber personal stories on there as a closet atheist from a Lutheran family attending a conservative Christian college.


In blankets,


Tangled in knots

And thoughts

That ought

Not to be

Picked apart

From one another.


Silent –

But so much,


Hangs in the air,

Heavy over our heads.


Two minds

Eternally combined –

You know where to find me

How, just, to find me;

Define me:

My raw, naked soul.

Check out The Closet Atheist’s blog here.

I’m still accepting guest posts! Anything that falls under the categories of mental health, motivation, philosophy, human potential, and DIY is welcome! Feel free to reach out even if you’re not entirely sure that your idea fits. I’ve included a Contact form below for you convenience.


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