10 Days of Guest Posts: Day 4

If you haven’t heard of flashlight batteries, you haven’t experienced poetry in motion. I’m honored to have her guest post on my blog because her writing is that good. (Don’t worry I appreciate all of you other lovely guest posters too!)

She describes these poems as love poems to celebrate the month of love. Love comes in many forms each of them a gift that we didn’t have to earn. Enjoy!

Dreaming of Love
Awake in the darkness with a different kind of knowing.
One of souls connected in an absence of time.
Understanding not limited by words.
A sigh that offers comfort,
only possible from the deep inhale proceeding it.
Melding without becoming one.
A miracle of wholeness from separate beings.
© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Bursting to Life
After what seems like forever darkness
the light comes back again
each bud seeking warmth
layers begin to open
not because they were told, “It is time.”
facing the sun… their hearts knew.
© Ali Grimshaw 2017


Check out flashlight batteries blog for more poetry in motion.

I’m still accepting guest posts! Anything that falls under the categories of mental health, motivation, philosophy, human potential, and DIY is welcome! Feel free to reach out even if you’re not entirely sure that your idea fits. I’ve included a Contact form below for you convenience.


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