10 Days of Guest Posts: Day 7

Today we have a poem written by the lovely Styliana about going against society’s expectations. More specifically, how society wants us to care about our appearances rather than what’s inside and, in the end, makes us feel like nothing because we aren’t what society wants to be.


Photo credit goes to Styliana

Staring at my reflection,
where is my perfection?
Trying to be,
something I can’t reach.
How do they expect me to live,
if I feel like I can’t breathe?
Pretty lies are all I see,
I wish I didn’t have to admit.
Brush your hair,
and take care.
Lose weight,
and smile bright.
Perfect skin,
and straight teeth.
What’s inside,
it can’t exists.
Staring at my reflection,
losing all of my intentions.

Show Styliana some love and check out her blog here! Rebels unite 😉

~Live boundless.


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