Boundless Challenge #6

EXTRA! EXTRA!!!!! I GOT AN A- ON MY FINITE MATH TEST, LOVELIES!!!! You’re seeing this minutes after I did and I can still barely process what just happened. My fingers are trembling as I type this, I woke up in a cold sweat this morning dreading my grade and now…this….

An A- on a Finite Math test? Say what?!

I think this goes to show that we’re capable of far more than we allow ourselves to believe. I was convinced that I failed this test and the exact opposite happened. It wasn’t just a stroke of luck; I studied for hours upon hours for several days in a row. I was studying to understand the material rather than memorize it and it worked! (Now I’m motivated to write what I know about the psychology behind learning and memory. What do you lovelies think? Would you like that?)

Now for the other #boundlessmoments I’ve seen across the web…

Catholic in the 21st Century came to terms with dropping out of college.

Flying Through Water got published on The Mighty.

Alexis Rose for writing her memoir: Untangled. I burned the midnight oil reading it last night, lovelies, and let me tell you it’s a story to remember.

Tessa Smeigh put up her first YouTube video.

Peace From Panic learned to let go of trying to make everything perfect.

Boundless Challenge badge


~Live boundless.

P.S. Never stop believing in yourself lovelies. I, and the other bloggers in this post, are living proof that YOU CAN.


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