Where is Home?

Call it fate, call it good timing, last weekend I read the email that I’ve been needing to see since last September.

I don’t feel like I belong at my university at all. I have no friends, I eat lunch by myself everyday, and I live with my parents. Maybe it’s the type of students, or maybe it’s me, but I don’t fit in anywhere. Not in my ethnicity, not in the LGBT community, not in my gender, not in my age, and the list goes on.

Now I know I preach on here to change the things in your life that you don’t like. Well, the problem is that I really don’t mind being alone. I’m perfectly comfortable sitting in my presence, I have enough music on my phone to last me half a day, and I’m done with censoring or molding myself to fit in.

I will hang outside the edges of the picture frame, I will speak when everyone else is silent, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m driving to a strange land with stranger people every morning. I’m tired of feeling like I have no home.

Where is home anyway? It can’t just be your street address because those change overtime. It can’t just be where your family is because not all families are related by blood and you don’t live with your family forever. Home has to be somewhere further still. 

When people say “home sweet home,” they’re saying that they’re glad to be where they are. They feel safe, content, and loved. If you carry those traits in your heart, you’ll have a home wherever you go. In the midst of losing these things from around me, I forgot that I have them deep within me.

  • I trust myself through and through; I’m my safe place.
  • I choose myself again and again; I wouldn’t rather be anyone else.
  • I love myself now and forever; I won’t let that change.

Self acceptance doesn’t come easily and it isn’t fair for me to brush it aside so quickly when I worked so hard to build it. I still remember the days when I dug my nails into my arm, I still remember the days I prayed to wake up in someone else’s body, and I’m never going back to them. I’m happy to be myself. 

Home is a place inside of people. I have it, you have it, and so does everyone else. If you have a home within yourself, you’ll never be alone.

Inspirational quote about where home is

~Live boundless.

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34 thoughts on “Where is Home?

  1. I love how you are okay with yourself. That’s all that matters actually. You shouldn’t try to fit in if you don’t feel like it. I love being alone without feeling lonely, I love how I can dedicate all the time to myself. And what you said about home, I believe that home isn’t necessary a place or a person, it’s a feeling.
    Beautiful post xx

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  2. I love that!!! It is so true. I do not mind being alone either. In fact I like to be alone. I feel safer being alone. No one can hurt me and I like myself and being in my own company. I love what you wrote that inside yourself and being with yourself is actually our β€œHome Sweet Home. I don’t think I will ever forget that one. Thank you so much for your words on this post. Love, love .love it!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ Hugs And blessings. –Sue

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  3. It took me a lot longer than you to be comfortable with myself. I lived trying to be everything I thought others wanted me to be. I ended up never pleasing them and not knowing who I was. I have taken the past two years to become and meet the person I always wanted to be. I now am comfortable in my own skin and am not so afraid anymore. Good on you for realizing it so young. But know that once you are really in tune, others may start knocking on your “door”. At least now you can choose what/who is right for you.

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    • Hey thanks for sharing your story πŸ™‚ it’s weird I think it’s normal to be the way I am at my age but adults like you keep telling me that it took them longer. That’s alright. All it means is I get to show others the way. As for love, I think it’s going to be on hold for a longgggg time. πŸ˜„

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      • Oh I see what you mean! The only problem with my confidence is that I’m really weird and I don’t censor myself in public like a socially acceptable person would so I end up scaring a lot of people away. πŸ˜‰

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      • Just be you, however that may be. I was similar to you, because I have social anxiety. I am uncomfortable in public so don’t always act “politically correct”. I used to be ashamed. Now I embrace it and people can accept me or not. And I find surprisingly a lot do!

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