An Angsty Coffee Poem

I miss your bittersweet taste,

I miss the way you warmed me from head to toe,

I guess I’m sleeping early tonight.


I see you everywhere I look,

And smell nothing but you in the morning air,

There’s no escape.


You made my heart skip beats,

Now I can’t have anything to do with you,

You and your over-the-counter stimulation.


Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I should just stop dreaming already,

Because this problem won’t go away tomorrow.

~Live boundless.

Author’s Note: This poem is hilariously bad and I have no regrets in writing it.


9 thoughts on “An Angsty Coffee Poem

  1. Everyone’s writing is hilariously bad at some point. 🙂

    Thanks for writing this. Your creativity was a much-needed jolt to my lethargic system. (i.e., I’ve been feeling un-creative lately, so it was good to read someone else’s creative work — it inspires me.)

    On a side note: I don’t drink coffee. (I’ve had sips of it when it was offered to me, but I’ve never made my own cup of it.)

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