The Top 5 Reasons I Use Twitter

I just want to take a moment and talk about how wonderful Twitter has been for me.

1. The amazing #MHbloggers community

Prior to setting up an account on Twitter, I had no idea that there are literally hundreds of bloggers out there, especially in the U.K., fighting the stigma around mental illness and spreading hope to those who suffer from it.

This is just a handful of the amazing people I never would had met without Twitter:


(For those of you who are wondering, those are underscores after their usernames. I’m not having formatting issues.)

Now, I know, not all of you lovelies are mental health bloggers, and that’s totally fine! There are giant communities devoted to practically any blogging niche you can think of:

  • Beauty bloggers or #bbloggers
  • Lifestyle bloggers or #lbloggers
  • Health bloggers or #hbloggers#wellnessbloggers, and #fitnessbloggers
  • Chronic illness bloggers or #spoonie
  • Travel bloggers or #tbloggers
  • Creative bloggers or #cbloggers (geared towards poetry and art) and #DIYBloggers (more for DIY and crafts)

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that you can find your community on Twitter even if you’re an antisocial, awkward person like me.

2. Retweet accounts and Twitter chats

There are literally entire accounts devoted to promoting blogs, like @GRLPOWRCHAT@BloggersSparkle, and @BloggersTribe, if you tag them in your posts, and some of them even run chats hosted by their followers with Q&A, meet-and-greets, and other fun stuff. I know I’ve met a lot of amazing bloggers and learned a couple tricks this way.

Also, there’s a good handful of pro bloggers and authors with dedicated Twitter chats for their communities which are great for meeting new people and getting support. Writing doesn’t have to be lonely! 

3. It helps me keep up with people’s blogs

What with the WordPress Reader hiding blogs and hardly anyone using Bloglovin, I find it rather difficult to keep up with all of you lovelies, but Twitter gives me a second chance to find your content before you post more.

Another thing I like about Twitter is that I usually can use my account to comment on Blogger or Squarespace websites. (Nothing sucks more than reading an awesome post and not being able to let the author know how much you loved it.)

4. There isn’t too much commitment

This may just be me, but I find it much harder to get traffic on other social networks. Pinterest pretty much requires Tailwind or a boatload of group boards if you want to get anywhere, StumbleUpon doesn’t really like self-promotion, Google+ has a lot of author communities — but not necessarily blogging, and I just can’t Tumblr.

That being said, I’m nowhere near a Twitter expert either, but it’s much easier to pick up than the labyrinthine Facebook and you don’t have to stay on it all day because people tend to log on at certain times. Of course, there are some accounts that are the 21st century version of a stream of consciousness, but yours doesn’t have to be like that.

Friendly Advice: I highly recommend using a social media scheduling tool, like Buffer, at the very least to promote your blog. It can figure out the best times to post based on location and makes it easier to make the most of those 140 characters.

5. I get to stalk social media influencers

Or have them stalk me?! 😉 No joke, within my first few days of joining Twitter, I had mental health advocates and agencies following me. Also, if you use the right hashtags/tags in your posts, you can attract brands fairly quickly. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s absurdly cool.

If you haven’t signed up for a Twitter account yet, what are you lovelies waiting for? You could wind up meeting your favorite blogger on there or land a gig with a non-profit agency that has the exact same ideals as you like I did.

That being said, I know that Twitter has its downsides like trolls, haters, auto DM’s, and follow/unfollowers to name a few. However, pretty much every social media network has the same issues, and I think the benefits outweigh the cons.

~Live boundless.



22 thoughts on “The Top 5 Reasons I Use Twitter

  1. I love BloggersSparkle and bloggerstribe; they’re literally the best. Although Twitter character is short and annoying 😅 and sometimes I want to delete it😅 I still think it’s good. I get a considerable amount of views from there😉 about brands, no luck with that 😂


  2. I haven’t been using Twitter for awhile now and I’ve been a part of the tags that you posted like #bbloggers and #lbloggers. Now that I’ve read your post, makes me want to back in Twitter. Xx


  3. Thanks for sharing this. I am having the toughest time growing my Twitter following. Everytime I get new followers, I get drops. It’s to the point I’m becoming afraid to tweet anymore for that reason. Wish I could figure out what I’m doing wrong.


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