Boundless Challenge #9

This has to be my biggest #boundlessmoment yet. As you lovelies know, I’ve been a victim of bullying as a young child which majorly impacted me for years to come, but what you don’t know is what exactly happened and how I felt. A couple weeks back, Being Lydia published a blog post about Pink Shirt Day — a holiday in Canada devoted to fighting bullying and, me being me, got all inspired to share my story.

It’s up on her blog today and you can read it here. It wasn’t easy to write at all, but I’m not going to let this be my secret anymore. I’m going to be open and honest at the risk of being judged or misunderstood because it’s worth it even if only one person feels like they aren’t alone. A couple days ago, I read this writing advice article that said to write about the things that scare you, so this is me writing about my darkest times.

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~Live boundless.


21 thoughts on “Boundless Challenge #9

  1. I read your guest post. No one should ever go through those feelings of being isolated ever. No one ever physically harassed me, but mentally, yes. I can understand how others’ attitude towards us becomes more significant and their mean opinions starts to become a reality.

    Glad you’re here writing and inspiring. Still, it shouldn’t have been this way and there will never be a justification for their behaviour. Ever.

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  2. How brave to write about your experiences. I found them upsetting to read about. Nobody should have to ensure that 😦 So glad you came out of the other side and continue to get stronger. X


    1. Thank you for the support. 😊 The funny thing is, while I was writing, I didn’t necessarily notice how messed up some of the stuff was because I was so focused on the wording. Reading through it now I’m just like “holy crap all of that happened to me. And here I am.”

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  3. wow, that was a powerful post. Thanks for sharing your experience and bringing to light the consequences of bullying (and how you have overcome them). I was also bullied in middle school and high school. Not to the same extent that you describe in your post, but I still call those years my “dark years”, so your post hit close to home.


  4. Reading this was really tough for me. I was bullied in high school, and it’s still hard for me to think about. They are some of the most humiliating and painful memories I have. This was incredibly brave of you to share. Thank you. So glad you made it out and lived to tell about it from a more peaceful and healthy place.


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